Which One of These Girls Will Win The Bachelor?

Colton has stolen the hearts of fans across America, but who will win over his heart at the end of the juiciest Bachelor season yet? Have no fear HC readers, I’ve made my picks and have done my research. One of these girls below will win the Bachelor, and that is a fact. 

There is no denying that Colton felt something for Hannah G. right away. The content creator from Birmingham, Alabama received the first rose during the night of the first cocktail party and has been wooing Colton ever since. He has repeatedly stated that being with Hannah G. reminds him of home. It’s clear that he has been smitten with her from the start, and I have every bit of confidence that she will make it until the very end.  Cassie was a front-runner from the start. A speech pathology student, Cassie is a native to the great state of California, and there is no denying her sunny energy. Cassie and Colton have maintained amazing chemistry, and the other girls have noticed. Many girls in the house have commented on the way in which Cassie and Colton interact with one another, stating that Colton pays extra attention to her — especially on group dates. Their last one-on-one got hot-and-heavy as the duo set off for a remote island and basked in the alone time together. It was clear that the couple couldn’t keep their hands off each other as the camera cut to several shots of the duo making out. 

So why is Colton drawn to these two? It’s simple — both girls have been steady from the start. Each girl brings their own personality to the table, but at their core, they are kind and sweet-hearted. They have proven to Colton, the other girls and us watching that they are deeply invested in their relationships with him and that their intentions are pure. Although I am confident in both Cassie and Hannah G., it is obvious that Taisha and Caelynn seem to be pulling at Colton’s heart too. Both received roses from their one-on-ones this week, and there is no denying their relationships with him. Hold on Bachelor fans, hometown dates are about to get real. Only one will walk away with the ring, so who will it be?