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What Your European Vacation Destination Says About You

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wisconsin chapter.

every single person you saw (probably on Instagram) that went to Europe this summer has something in common

If you‘re like me, you probably saw absolutely everyone you happen to know traveling around the world, but more specifically Europe, this summer. And what’s even funnier, is that a very specific type of person went to a very specific type of place.

1. Paris

If you went to Paris, you went because it’s Paris: there’s no other reason. Along with that, you’re basic. You most likely own the Lululemon belt bag, and wore it all around Paris. You also probably own every pair of Lululemon leggings there are. Whenever a new basic thing comes around, you go on and purchase it. Paris may be basic, but it is a great city with lots of culture. Just like Paris, you are probably a great person, with a fantastic personality. You just tend to sway on the more popular side of things.

2. Central/Eastern Europe

If you went anywhere east of Switzerland, you probably went to Europe for the purpose of visiting family. Whether that family be distant or immediate, you probably visited them for at least a week. And you didn’t let anyone forget it. You romanticized your little village as much as you could, and continue to talk about Europe all the time. And just like the most under-hyped part of Europe, you aren’t well-known by everyone. You might be a bit shy, but the minute people get to know you, they love you.

3. Greek Islands

If you went to Greece, specifically places like Santorini, you probably went with your family for a fun family vacation. Your parents finally decided to go on a long-awaited post-Covid trip, and of course you had to tag along (even though you moved out 3 years ago). You probably spent most of your time forcing your parents to take pictures of you and enjoying the legal drinking age being 18. Personality wise, you probably go hard on weekends, but keep it calm during the school week, preparing yourself for what is to come.

4. The UK

If you went to the UK, it’s because you genuinely wanted to visit the UK. You like the classics. It seems like in years past, everyone was going to the UK, specifically London. Compared to other years, this year it seems that barely anyone went. However, the people that did, gave off one vibe: a love for the oldies. Whether that be older music or fashion trends, you just enjoy certain things reminiscent of the past. You believe things never go out of style. And you know what?You’re right for that. No matter how popular or unpopular the UK has been at times, overall, it has stayed a classic that deserves to be seen by everyone. 

5. Italy

If you went to Italy, you went to truly imagine yourself as the main character. You probably romanticized everything, took a ton of pictures, decided to start learning Italian and are now living an entirely picture-perfect life. Italy has a way of making everyone fall in love with it. Along with that, you are probably super put-together, and live an aesthetic life. It seems like everyone that goes to Italy is gorgeous, a planner and does everything so aesthetically. You are the type of person to wake up, go to the gym and make the most beautiful looking avocado toast the world has ever seen. And most importantly, whatever you do, it ends up looking like it belongs on Pinterest.

Lastly, if you went anywhere else, or to multiple places- then you’re unique. But in reality, no matter where you traveled, whether just in your hometown, or all the way to Croatia, every place is beautiful, and deserves to be seen by everyone.

Andrea Brehovska

Wisconsin '25

Hey! I am a psychology major with a digital studies and textile and designs certificate at the University of Wisconsin! I am originally from Prague, Czech Republic, but I grew up in the Bay Area, California! I love to travel, explore, and fashion. And my favorite colors are yellow and red!