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What to Wear: To Beat a Bad Mood


Wake up Monday morning and can’t seem to shake the stress of the new week off of your shoulders? Maybe you didn’t do as well as you hoped on your last midterm, you’re feeling sick, or you’re getting over a bad break-up. Whatever the reason may be, bad moods strike everyone at one point or another.  Why not combat those blues with a great outfit! Here are three steps to help you have a “Look good, feel good”  day.


1. Wear red! Many studies have shown that women who wear red to the office have increased professional confidence and earn more money. More studies have shown that men are more attracted to women wearing the color red.

Lip stain Sunnies Purse Dress


2. Load up on the arm candy.  Bracelets and rings are pretty accessories that you can keep looking at all day (unlike earrings or a necklace). Wearing a friendship bracelet or something that’s meaningful to you might remind you of happier days… don’t forget to paint your nails!

Marc by Marc Jacobs friendship bracelet Wrap Bracelet Spiral Squares Ring Fossil Glitz Bracelet Chain Bracelets Skull Rings


3. Smile! Sounds so simple, but wearing your smile can help trick your brain into a happier mood, reduce stress and make you more attractive to others. Studies have also shown that people who grimace during painful procedures feel more pain then though who don’t. So smile those worries away!


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