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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wisconsin chapter.

Give the students what they need!

UW-Madison is a great school with many positive elements, and honestly, I feel fortunate to be able to go here. The beautiful location, great game days and the people all make it an amazing school to attend. However, there are some things that the UW could do that I think would make this the best school ever. 

Give all seniors football season tickets 

As a current senior who came into freshman year during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, our class was already robbed of a year of football. This year, for my last year at UW-Madison, all I wanted was to be able to make-up for the games I lost freshman year by going to every senior year game. Unfortunately, because of the high demand, I wasn’t able to get football season tickets. This leads me to my point: I think all seniors should have a season football ticket reserved for them. Then, if they don’t decide to buy it, it goes to the younger student classes. This would give seniors who haven’t had the chance to get season football tickets in the past an opportunity to attend the games their last year. 

Give more snow days 

We all know it gets cold in WIsconsin. And the wind only makes it colder. However, Wisconsin students do not get enough credit for going to class in below freezing temperatures. Students deserve more snow days – plain and simple. When I talk to other friends from other universities, I am astounded at how many snow days they get.It’s usually only 1 or 2, but still way more than Wisconsin’s whopping zero snow days. For all the work we do, I think we deserve two allotted snow days per semester. 

Give a full Thanksgiving or ‘Fall’ break

As we all might know, UW-Madison only gives Thursday and Friday off for Thanksgiving break. Various other schools either have a fall break, allowing their students a few days off after midterms, or they give students a full week for Thanksgiving break. I understand that UW-Madison starts a few weeks later compared to other schools however, I think the school year could start on Monday instead of Wednesday to allow students two more days during Thanksgiving break or for a fall break in October.

Online ordering at Memorial Union and Union South

During my freshman year, in the covid era, online ordering and delivery was available from restaurants at the unions. I’m not asking for delivery, just online ordering for pick up. This would be easy to implement and it would give students the opportunity to quickly pick up food on the way to class. I think implementing online ordering would also allow for fewer lines to form, which would help staff prepare for the lunch craze by completing orders before.

These are solely my ideas for how UW-Madison could improve the school by benefiting students. Obviously, I feel fortunate to attend this school and I have loved every one of my years here. But, without a doubt, I wish we had a fall break or guaranteed senior season football tickets. I think implementing these ideas would benefit each student because it keeps their efforts in mind and gives them a well-deserved reward. Here’s to more snow days! 

Camila Rivero

Wisconsin '24

Hi! My name is Camila Rivero and I was born in raised in Boulder, Colorado. I am now attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison hoping to pursue my degree in strategic communications with a minor in digital studies.