What It's Like to Live With a Nursing Student

When I met my freshman roommate, neither of us had fully decided on a major. We were "undecided" with ideas. Later in the year my roommate became dead set on becoming a nurse, and nothing could get in her way. I mean nothing. It inspires me watching how much dedication and determination she has had over these last few years. Since then, I have learned that living with a nursing student is definitely a unique experience.

Here is my firsthand account of what it is really like to have a nursing student as a roommate:

The year she applies is a rough year. There is constant worrying, self-doubt and dedication to doing whatever it takes to stand out in the crowd.

Sometimes that means she is sacrificing fun to ace her anatomy exam.

She will probably lose sleep in the days before hearing whether or not she got into the nursing school.

She might even wake you up to ask for reassurance that her application essays were okay.

The day she figures out whether or not she got in is an emotional day for everyone. 

Once she is in the school of nursing, it's a whole new game:

She will probably start diagnosing you.

And making recommendations about your lifestyle.

She will ask to practice procedures on you.

You will start going to her when you think something is wrong.

She will complain about the lack of opportunities to meet males in the nursing field.

She fears they will never find a man between classes and clinicals.

But you remind her that even when guys are not in the picture, at least you have each other.

Overall, living with a nursing student is pretty great. There are no dull moments when living with a nursing student. 

*I used feminine pronouns for the sake of grammar, but nursing is gender inclusive!