What it's Like Being a Minnesotan at a Wisconsin School

Choosing Madison over the University of Minnesota was a no-brainer for many of us. But our experience here is a little different than people who are from Wisconsin. 


When you are a Minnesotan at a Wisconsin school: 


You automatically have a connection any time you meet someone else from Minnesota.

You constantly have the "Pop vs. Soda" debate.


You don't understand why people call drinking fountains "bubblers."


You get asked to say things like "boat" and "bag", as they remind you that you are from "Minnesooooota."


You don't know where to hide your old Minnesota gear, because you wouldn't make it a block in a maroon and gold shirt.


You get asked why you chose to come to Wisconsin rather than stay at the U of M-Twin Cities. 

Reciprocity is the best thing that ever happened. 


People might assume you can't handle your liquor.


You either have to conform to being a Packer fan or listen to constant smack talk about the Vikings.

At first all of the places in Wisconsin sound the same to you.


You will always be a Minnesotan at heart, but you will never get tired of saying On Wisconsin!