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Welcome the Sun With These 5 Fashion Trends

The day finally came — it’s finally warm. We’ve have our outfits prepped and ready for a while; we’ve been waiting our whole lives (or at least the past six months) for this. The semester is over, you hear birds chirping, and the sun blinds your eyes. There’s no way the winter coat is coming back out now; but here are five trends that should be seeing the sun.


1. Denim

Let’s hope that denim never goes out of style. This versatile fabric makes anything possible: sport a denim tank top, skirt, dress, capris (hello to this comeback), or a classic denim jacket. A denim dress or skirt is prime for warm weather. Wearing dresses and skirts without tights may be one of the most freeing feelings. And let’s not forget that denim jacket — a staple. Work it in with your other layers, especially on chilly nights or days. Denim is a team player; it pairs well with any of the following trends listed below! Hint: denim on denim is its own popular look.


2. White

Complement the radiating sun with a fresh white blouse; balance a spring pastel outfit with classic white converse. The options are truly unlimited. White clothing items prove dependable —  it’s always a base on which you can work off. Create a crisp look by pairing a white blouse with a bright or printed bottom. Add a denim jacket perhaps? White pants, too, are starting to creep back into the fashion scene after Labor Day shunned it away for the winter. You sun-kissed skin will be glowing — make sure your outfit is, too.


3. Off The Shoulder

Off-the-shoulder tops have made their way back these past few years — and it’s still going strong. When there’s no longer a need for coats, your shoulders should be able to experience the warm weather, too! Spring fashion is all about liberating ourselves of excess fabrics, and these off-the-shoulder shirts allow just that. One-shoulder blouses, too, have the same effect. Feel free to throw a cute bralette under to spice it up.


4. Loose fit

Spring’s here, which means it’s time to add a shirt or a pair of pant that flows in the breeze to your closet. Create a balanced look by pairing it with a more form-fitting item; it will still leave you enough breathing space for high temperatures. A pair of loose-fit trousers is a popular trend this spring; it’s a great piece to diversify your closet, too.


5. Rolling up your sleeves/pants

This look is for days that aren’t quite appropriate for short sleeves or shorts, but aren’t quite chilly enough for you to be covering all of the arms and legs. A few rolls will allow in just a bit of air; it can really change a look.


The flowers are blooming and giving life to the outdoors — we can give life to our outfits, too. Strut the streets with the sun on your face, and share your personality and life with the world. We are no longer shielded in layers and fabrics; still, remember our clothing choices don’t create self-confidence — it enhances it. Let these closet staples and trends aid your self-expression and comfort during the season of new beginnings!

Kelsey is studying Journalism and Mass Communications at the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a specific passion for Sports Communication. Catch her on campus with a coffee glued to her hand, baseball on the brain (go Cubs!), and one earbud in. If you ever want to talk about sports, music, dogs, or anything, she is always open for good conversation.
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