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Weekly Workout: Stairs


This week’s workout is on one of my favorite machines – the Stair Stepper! We have a love hate relationship, but I promise you’ll get a good workout for your legs! Make sure to have some good music to keep you moving, and try not to think of the burn. Also, DO NOT hold on to the hand rails (unless you absolutely have to, to keep from falling over), and keep your abs tight.


Warm up for two minutes, regular stepping with a speed between 50-80.

After, at a speed of 70-90 (or faster if you want!)…

2 minutes skipping steps

2 minutes side stepping, left side

2 minutes back stepping (you can hold the hand rails here)

2 minutes side stepping right side

2 minutes regular stepping staying on toes


Sprint 30 seconds at a speed of 90-130 (it all depends on your fitness level)

Rest 20 seconds at a speed of 60-90

Repeat 8x


Step regular for 1 minute at warm up speed.




This is a routine I do almost every time I’m on this machine. It’s tough, but it’s good and it will hit multiple parts of your legs.


Good luck! 

Katie McDonough is a freshman at the University of Wisconsin- Madison and is currently undecided about her major. She's a fitness junkie from downtown Chicago who spends much of her time reading blogs. She is a soon to be brother of the service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega and is studying to become an ACE personal trainer and/or group fitness instructor. Some of her favorite things include TurboKick, dancing, pizza, her golden retriever Buddy, reading blogs, and watching trashy tv with her roomie!
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