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Weekly Workout: Spring Break & the Plank


Time to get your abs strong for spring break! I’m not going to lie to you guys and tell you if you do this everyday you’ll be all flat for your swimsuit, that relies more on your diet. But, if you keep your diet in check then you’ll definitely notice your stomach getting tighter! Learn to love the burn.


1 minute Plank on forearms

30 seconds Plank on hands on hand straight out, one leg up

30 seconds Switch hand and foot

Go straight into side plank on hand, hold 30 seconds then

            Do 15 hip dips

Switch to other side, hold 30 seconds then

            Do 15 hips dips

45 seconds Go straight back into plank on hands, hold

In plank on hands, bring left knee to left elbow, then right knee to right elbow 20x each side

1 minute Hold plank (just a little longer!)

Did you make it through? The goal is to stay in a plank the entire time. It’s challenging but it will make a huge difference. Repeat again if you want more of a challenge!


Good luck and keep your abs tight and butt down, not sagging or piked up!  

Katie McDonough is a freshman at the University of Wisconsin- Madison and is currently undecided about her major. She's a fitness junkie from downtown Chicago who spends much of her time reading blogs. She is a soon to be brother of the service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega and is studying to become an ACE personal trainer and/or group fitness instructor. Some of her favorite things include TurboKick, dancing, pizza, her golden retriever Buddy, reading blogs, and watching trashy tv with her roomie!
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