Vines To Help You Get Through Finals

It’s finals season, and the constant dread is upon us. It’s one of the most stressful times of year — inconveniently located during the “most wonderful time of the year.” It may be the holiday season but that can do little to cheer us up as we drown under books, powerpoints, and notes right now. 


From 2013 through the end of 2016, we had the privilege of pulling up the Vine app for quick laughs in stressful times. Unfortunately, in January 2017, Vine had to bid us ado, and now we are left with copies of the memories. So until we can finally enjoy the holidays, here are throwback vines to provide a giggle or two amongst end-of-semester tears. 


And they were roommates...

An iconic moment of a passing conversation turns into a reference used by many - predominantly college students. Most of us have probably used this at some point to describe someone’s relationship with their roommates or in our own eavesdropping experience. 


Eyebrows on fleek

 We are all here to get just as crunk as she’s going to. With eyebrows on fleek, we can do anything. 


Yass cat

Us when exams are over. Heck yas we’re acing them.  


Happy Birthday Raven

At one point we have all been Raven: feeling we’re not good at something we’ve been suited up and hyped for. 


Look at all those chickens

Those chickens be wild, just like us after we conquer finals. 


An avocado thankkkksss

 This boy is an actual icon. 


I shaved my eyebrows

This boy’s “I don’t know” answer is as good a reason as any. 


If you want a burger

Eat what you want, do what you want. Have some fun during this stressful time. 


Dance to heart and soul

Dancing is a cure to all stresses, at least for a little while. This guy is having a grand time with those moves to that piano. 


Merry Chrysler  

And the Christmas staple. There will always be someone wishing you a “Merry Chrysler," as I will do for you now.


May this finals season have some good moments and be followed by a happy holiday break.