The Vampy Lip

The fall and winter seasons are all about the vampy lip. You may be looking at models and celebrities thinking, how can I pull that off? However, the best thing about this trend is that anybody can rock it. With a few simple tips, you are on your way to rocking the shade of the season.

Rule #1:  Wear the right shade

Like finding that perfect red lipstick, finding the right vampy color to polish your pout and fit your skin color is everything. Your arm may be covered with swatches by the end of your test trial, but it is well worth it in order to find the perfect shade.

For light/fair skin tones, you can opt for berries and wines or go super dramatic with a deep purple. That stark contrast of the sultry lip against fair skin makes it stand out even more and results in a super glamorous look.

For medium/olive skin tones, you’ll look best in deep reds and reddish browns. Look for colors that have more of a red undertone rather than a blue one.

Dark skin tones can get away with really deep, vampire-esque shades. Aim for deep reds, dramatic plums, and dark reddish browns. There really is no such shade that is too dark for darker skinned girls.

Rule #2: Be sure to keep it simple

When you have got such an intense lip going on, it is best to keep the rest of your makeup simple so the lip takes all the spotlight. For daytime, opt for a swipe of mascara and some eyeliner. For nighttime, you can do a smoky eye, but try for warmer colors such as browns and golds, in order to avoid going full goth.  Let your lips be the center of attention, and rock it with confidence.

Rule #3: Pamper your lips

In order to make sure your vampy lips are flawless, give them a little TLC. First, exfoliate your lips to get rid of any dry patches, and smooth the surface so your lipstick goes on smoothly. Next, while applying the rest of your makeup, swab your lips with some lip balm to keep them moisturized and hydrated. Then once you are ready to start applying your lip color, line your lips with a liner that’s about the same shade as your lipstick. Start by outlining your lips, then fill in the rest of your lip. Filling in your entire lip gives the lipstick a nice base and makes sure it stays dark all night long. Lastly... the fun part! Apply your lipstick color of choice and you’re ready to blow everyone away with your style.

All you need is some confidence, and anyone can own this look!