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Unpopular Opinion: I loved my long distance relationship

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Reasons why long distance was a blessing in disguise for me

Between the long FaceTime calls until 3 A.M. and feeling alone, I hated every minute being 1,018 miles away from my boyfriend. Making plans months in advance to visit each other allowed us to look forward to something. Being away from your support system, the person who understands you the most, the person you love, it can be challenging. But it also helped shape me to be strong and independent.

My mom told me a piece of advice that helped me through my relationship with my boyfriend that I held on to for a really long time: “this time apart will allow you both to grow on your own to be able to come back stronger”. This really stuck with me because it showed me that if we wanted to be together, we had to learn how to be our own people, and come together as one.

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To go along with that advice, I was able to cherish the little things: Chipotle FaceTime dates, getting flowers sent to my apartment, opening my phone to the sweetest “good morning” texts. I know it’s hard to only think of the negatives when you think about being thousands of miles away from your significant other, but when you are able to find value in the little things, you and your partner will become stronger together no matter the distance.

With all of this being said, it takes time to find a balance and to learn how to be okay with the distance. I learned that even looking forward to the first hug at the airport after four long months makes the distance worth it. If you truly love the person you are doing long distance with, the struggles won’t be for nothing; in the end, distance makes the heart grow fonder.

Carly HoganBruen

Wisconsin '24

Carly HoganBruen is a transfer student and grew up in Washington, DC. She studied abroad in Italy and loves to write travel blogs. She is training to be a cycling instructor and is super passionate about fitness.