The Ultimate Online Shopping Guide for College Women

I have a confession: I’m a complete shopaholic. There’s nothing more exciting than the thrill of entering a store with a new stock of clothes for the season, and what’s even better is leaving with a handful of paper bags. But sadly, when I’m at school, there are little to no shopping options. Yes, there technically are plenty of shopping locations in Madison, but I’m a creature of habit who likes to shop at the same places (brand loyalty!), and realistically I don’t have the time to go to a store physically. Luckily, thanks to online shopping, I can simply scroll through pages and pages of clothes and get them shipped with a single click. I can shop anytime and anywhere, and it doesn’t take away from my daily college schedule (because, to be honest, I’m mostly shopping during lecture). For whatever occasion, season, or item you need, I compiled the ultimate list of stores that are perfect for college women to shop at. Not only are these stores easy to order from, but they also have both trendy and useful splurges we all deserve.

  1. 1. Mixology Clothing Company  

    Mixology is my favorite store when I want to update my look with the latest trends. The clothes range from casual to going out, yet no matter what, everything is fashionably on trend. I’ll always browse the site whenever I’m bored, so I can see what’s new in fashion. I’m so tempted to buy a whole wardrobe, but I settle for a few statement items. If you don’t really feel like a trendy person, this site can guide you to the perfect new sweater, crop top, or jeans. They are also the ideal online retailer for formal dresses, so I highly recommend checking out their dresses! The demographic for this company is basically for college women so check it out cause it’s tailored just for you!

  2. 2. Sephora

    If you need makeup or want something to browse while attempting to study for midterms, then Sephora is a reliable go-to website. Whether you need a new mascara or want to get the latest Anastasia eye-shadow palette, Sephora is the ultimate has the ultimate shopping for makeup. My favorite is all the free samples you get from ordering online. There’s always something new when you visit the website so if you’re stressed out from school, treat yourself with a new lip gloss or eyeliner. Opening up a package from Sephora feels like it’s Christmas morning.

  3. 3. South Moon Under

    Most people haven’t heard of this store, but it’s one of my favorites! I usually shop locally at home, but again, I can’t do that when I’m at college. The website isn’t overwhelming to navigate and has the perfect selection of any kind of clothing you need. I’ve found everything from formal dresses, going out tops, comfy pants and fuzzy sweaters. The style is distinct and always catches the eye of my friends. You’ll definitely get compliments when wearing their clothes. Plus, their jewelry is absolutely adorable and always right on trend! That might actually be my favorite thing to shop for at this site.

  4. 4. American Eagle

    American Eagle is a classic online shopping spot. The clothes are affordable, and there’s always a sale going on. I fall in love with everything I see on the website, so I’m warning you, browse with caution. They have great layering clothing and are the best for anything casual-cute. Oh, and how could I forget the endless options for jeans and shorts! It’s not easy to find comfortable jeans, but somehow you can find them here at American Eagle!

  5. 5. Aerie

    Like American Eagle, Aerie’s clothes exude confidence, comfort and a carefree style. Aerie is a great website to check out for any workout clothes, swimwear, or loungewear. In reality, as college students, we’re always wearing our workout clothes or sweatpants so why not wear them in style. It’s the perfect clothing to wear at home for a wine night or going to those 8am lectures. It can be difficult to put a cute outfit together early in the morning because either you’re being lazy or late — I’m usually both — but Aerie can turn lazy to adorable with athleisure.

  6. 6. Express

    Express is perfect for when you need to order any business casual clothing. If you have an interview coming up or going the career fair, then this is the perfect website to go to. Anytime I need a last minute blouse or work pants, Express always has something both professional and fashionable. You can look ready to conquer your next interview in affordably stylish attire. Remember, as a college student, you never know when you have to dress up for an event.

  7. 7. Amazon

    You can’t make a list of online stores and not include Amazon! Amazon is basically a college living survival site. Anytime you need something last minute, literally anything like a textbook or frying pan, Amazon has it, and you’ll get it in an instant. It’s probably much more convenient than ubering all the way to Target (even though Target is also the best). Also, make sure that you have student prime because that saves both shipping costs and time! The website is basically a given so just know when in doubt, there’s Amazon.

  8. 8. Redbubble

    Redbubble is one of my favorites for pastime online shopping. I’m always scrolling through the hilariously relatable and artistically clever stickers to get me through those lectures where time seems to stand still. And there isn't a more exciting feeling than getting your Redbubble stickers in the mail. To be honest, you’re not a college student if you don’t have stickers on your laptop. Redbubble stickers basically define your personality whenever you open your laptop in library, terrace or classroom. You can rely on this site if you need a laugh or to distract yourself from homework.


As a college student, online shopping helps save both time and money. Everything you want is one click away. And just because you’re online shopping doesn’t mean you have to buy something. Some of these sites are just fun to scroll through to pass the time or clear your mind. Still, each of these sites on the lists fulfills the different pros of online shopping such as convenience and accessibility. A whole store’s inventory is right on your computer, and you can find anything you need for any desired occasion. If you happen to be online shopping and second guess ordering something, order it anyway because you can always return it! It doesn’t hurt to splurge on something here and there, and it can be a reward for finishing that research report or acing a midterm. When entering college, it’s a little disappointing when you’re miles away from your favorite stores, but in reality, you have more choice than ever to shop for what clothes you want. This list is meant to cater to all college women so hopefully one of these websites matches your style and clothing preferences! You can take this list in its entirety (which I highly recommend, of course) or pick out the retailers that speak to you. So what are you waiting for? Unleash that inner shopaholic!