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A Typical Girl’s Night Out In Madison

The four years spent in college can be characterized as crazy, fun-filled, stressful and most definitely unforgettable. However, what defines this experience as unforgettable can vary from person to person. For me, I am confident that my four years will be remembered by the nights spent out with my best friends. These nights can be classified as far from typical, and instead, as the nights we live for, with the people we’d die for. Here’s a quick glimpse into what goes on during a girls’ night out in Madison… prepare to be entertained, my friends!

1. Before the night even starts, the getting-ready process causes a ridiculous amount of stress. You are unsure whether or not to “waste an outfit” because you’re not sure if it’s “one of those nights.” Whatever that means…

2. Once the pregame comes around, you and your friends start to take pictures. There’s that one picture where you look like the fattest, sloppiest, sweatiest person in the world, and now your “pregame vibes” are all out of whack.

3. In your sixth trip to the bathroom, you manage to check through all of your Snapchat stories and see that “the boy” is going out also, and you enter into complete freak out mode.

4. In response to seeing his story, you start to nervously Snapchat a ridiculous amount. Your story is now at 65 seconds before the night has even started. All of your sober Snapchat friends now hate you.


5.Once you get to the bar and see everyone around you, you automatically feel sober, and grab one of your friends to go attempt to flirt with a boy, and have him buy you both a round of shots.


6. This flirting ends unsuccessfully, so you and your friends end up buying your own round of drinks. Not only are you broke, but you’ve also never felt so ugly in your life.

7. Well into the night, you’re secretly planning what you are going to drunk-eat later. You’re having trouble deciding if you want something salty or sweet. You end up deciding you need both.


8. You have now reached the point in the night where your out of control dancing has made you sweat an obscene amount. You think you look super cute with your hair up in a ponytail, but once you take a trip to the bathroom, you are mortified at how hideous you look and laugh at yourself for five whole minutes.


9. In the last half hour of the night, you find yourself posted up in a random booth somewhere because you can no longer feel your feet. You are dreading the walk home, and begin to consider walking barefoot because you are in that much pain. Is that gross? Nah.

10.  You have successfully reached home and are back in bed. You realize how much you hate yourself for a) wasting the outfit, b) having that extra drink, c) thinking you looked cute in a sweaty ponytail, and d) eating two pieces of pizza and three bowls of frosted flakes. But at the same time, you love yourself, for having yet another ridiculous night out with friends, and making a memory you will never forget. 

I’m sure all girls reading this can relate to each point presented, whether you want to admit it or not. Regardless of if you get the cutest picture on the dance floor, or end up with your dream guy at the bar, the most important thing about a night out is spending it with your girls and making the most of it. Even if the night doesn’t go as planned, the best nights in life are the most unexpected, and every girl must learn to laugh it out, and truly appreciate nights like these. 

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