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Try A Romper This Summer


Rompers are scary. They aren’t easy to wear and a majority of them look horrible on most people. Despite common reservations about them, there are successful ways to style a romper so you don’t look like a woman trying on a little girl’s clothes.

One reason rompers are difficult to style is because they can be one dimensional, and can make a person look like a blob of print or color walking down the street. The trick is to break up the monotony somehow. Statement jewelry or a small belt to cinch in the waist will help create negative space.

A trick for elongating your legs is to wear nude color shoes that don’t cut off your leg at the ankle with straps.

With the first look the red belt not only adds a pop of color, but it also breaks the look up to keep it fresh. Adding too many accessory could make it weighed down and too busy. Summer time is a time for simple, flowy looks.

If you’re still too intimidated by a regular romper, look for one that looks like a dress. Loose shorts with good movement will create the moment of a dress. The simplicity of this romper also makes a good candidate for statement accessories.

The last romper in mint has details in the actually piece of clothing and you can spice it up with your accessories because the color isn’t too bold. The snakeskin clutch gives the outfit a bit more personality, while the silver accessory draws the eye in, but isn’t too commanding.

Summer is a great time to try something new, so go search for your perfect romper and style it according!

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