Travel Inspirations to Follow on Instagram

Travel bloggers and influencers have been taking over Instagram, and it’s practically our job to lust over their insane adventures. From Asia to Europe, they can’t be stopped--some even use social media as a platform for their career. At the click of a button, they’re uploading incredible pictures on top of mountains in the Pyrenees or under the sea in Hawaii. Here are eight travel inspirations you need to follow on Instagram:


1. @doyoutravel

Jack Morris was one of the first travelers to make a career out of Instagram. He and his girlfriend have made a business out of it, and their pictures are absolutely insane.



2. @gypsea_lust

Lauren Bullen, Jack Morris’ girlfriend, is goals. Enough said.



3. @sam_kolder

Sam Kolder is a filmmaker who posts travel videos on YouTube. Apart from his videos, he also posts on Instagram, and his shots are adventurous and--not to mention--absolutely crazy.



4. @finduslost

Selena and Jacob left their lives in the United States so they could move to Europe and become full-time travel bloggers (someone tell me how I can do the same please). Their everyday adventures in Amsterdam look like they’re out of a movie.



5. @thebucketlistfamily

Enough with the couples, The Bucket List Family is a family of five who left the traditional American life to travel the world. The kids are absolutely adorable.



6. @queenofjetlegs

Noor De Groot is a travel blogger from the Netherlands who claims to “have a crush on the world.” Whether she’s in  Paris, Sydney, or anywhere in between, she shows people Earth’s beauty through her breathtaking pictures



7. @lostleblanc

Christian LeBlanc is another filmmaker who posts his life full of travel online. He escaped the 9-5 to pursue video blogging and photography while adventuring around the world.



8. @indyblue_

India Severe, also known as Indy Blue, is a 19-year-old girl who decided college wasn’t for her. She decided to travel the world and post content instead. Doesn’t that sound nice right about now?  She posts everything from videos to pictures to written blogs.



When you need to cure your wanderlust, follow these travel bloggers and influencers on Instagram and pretend you’re living their adventures right alongside them.