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Top 5 Ways to Avoid Drunkenly Waking Up On Stairs or Hills…or Anything Other Than Your Bed

It’s much easier said than done. You go into the pregame with a sober and realistic mindset for your night. A few drinks in, and that plan becomes increasingly irrelevant. Even if your night doesn’t go as planned, to avoid hitting rock bottom (literally sleeping on a rock) make sure your night consists of these 5 simple steps:

Step 1: Leave the pregame with your friends!

You’re already setting yourself up for a recipe for disaster if you begin the night alone.

Step 2: Make sure you can find at least someone you know with you at all times of the night.

No, that doesn’t count as your one-nightstand last week. Because, let’s be real, he is not tucking you into your bed safely that night.

Step 3: Don’t act like you don’t know when that extra tequila shot is going to put you over the edge.

Step 4: Consciously (or as consciously as possible) attempt to be aware of your surroundings.

Everyone has turned around to find absolutely no one they know and thought it was in their best interest to walk home alone.

Step 5: Although drunk you may believe you are competent enough to walk home alone, this is not the case. You must leave with someone else.

Or else that stairwell leading up to your ex’s apartment may be dangerously confused with your bed.

As mentioned before, anyone can set out their night with these good intentions, but it’s just the booze that makes them a little bit hazy. So do yourself a favor next time, and avoid rocks in your back or steps as pillows by following my 5 simple rules. 

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