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Top 5 Things Guys Love on You

Although girls should always dress for themselves (classic Carrie Diaries lesson) it doesn’t hurt to know what your guy likes to see you in.  I interviewed a few guys around campus to give you five ideas to try out if you’re feeling extra flirty on your next date!

1.      Sundresses 

Although it’s not relevant to this time of year, guys always love girls in sundresses.   They’re all the things guys love about girl’s clothing: girly, casual, and usually pretty short!

2.      Sweatpants

Surprisingly enough, I heard from many guys that they love a girl in sweatpants.  Apparently there’s something very sexy about a girl who can throw on a pair of sweatpants and still look drop dead gorgeous.  Of course they don’t know about the hours of work that went into making us look so casual, but shhh…don’t tell!

3.      Leggings and Baggy Sweaters

We all know guys will always love a girl in leggings.  The baggy sweater was a bit surprising to me, however.  I guess it’s a good thing that the comfiest part of winter can be enjoyable for you and your guy!

4.      White T-Shirt and Jeans

Although we spend hours coming up with unique and creative outfits, guys love simplicity.  A girl that can look great in a simple white t-shirt and a pair of well-fitting jeans is every guys dream! (Well, and Jennifer Aniston.)

5.      High-Low Skirts

Although they aren’t my favorite summer skirt, something about the high front and low back is very appealing to guys.  So next time you’ve got a date, pull out your favorite wedges and your high-low skirt…but you might have to wait till the weather gets warmer!

These are fun suggestions to try out on special occasions with your guy, but don’t forget to wear what makes you feel best!  Dressing for yourself will make you feel better and more confident than dressing for any guy could. 

Madison Krigbaum

Wisconsin '18

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