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Top 10 Hottest Celebrity Dads

In general, when someone becomes a father, that pretty much means they are off the market for us single ladies. But, there are no rules against looking, especially when these celebs seem to be everywhere! So, without further ado, here are the top ten hottest celebrity dads! Let the drooling begin!

1. Chris Hemsworth

Overall attractiveness: 10

Cuteness of kid(s): 10

Best Feature: His luscious locks (pre-haircut, of course).

DILF Rating: 20

If anyone deserves a perfect 20, it’s Chris Hemsworth. From the moment I saw that little baby nestled in his enormous arms, I knew he would forever be one of the hottest celeb daddies. I mean, c’mon he’s the epitome of a macho-man plus a baby. It’s a dangerous combination.

2. Stephen Amell

Overall attractiveness: 9

Cuteness of kid(s): 10

Best Feature: His ridiculously perfect body, hands down.

DILF Rating: 19

This lesser-known actor comes in at a strong #2 on this list. Between his adorable little girl, superhero alter-ego, and his unreal body (it almost makes me angry how chiseled he is…almost), Stephen Amell is one hot papa!

3. David Beckham

Overall attractiveness: 9

Cuteness of kid(s): 9

Best Feature: His very manly stubble.

DILF Rating: 18

We loved him as a soccer player, and now we love him as a dad! David Beckham grabs the #3 spot with his three boys and gorgeous little girl. All four children are ridiculously good looking, but with David Beckham’s genes, what did we expect?

4. Brad Pitt

Overall attractiveness: 9.5

Cuteness of kid(s): 8

Best Feature: His love for his family.

DILF Rating: 17.5

Brad might just be the original DILF. With his diverse and completely adorable six children, this handsome dad ranks #4 on this list. He is the kind of attractive that everyone else is compared to. Not to mention the unconditional love he has for each of them, respecting each one’s individuality…*swoon*! Brad Pitt is nailing the daddy game and looking hot while doing it!


5. Chris Pratt

Overall attractiveness: 8

Cuteness of kid(s): 9

Best Feature: His humor.

DILF Rating: 17

New dad Chris Pratt could not be any cuter! With the help of his little boy, he takes the #5 spot! We’ve seen Chris be a lovable teddy bear on Parks and Rec, and we’ve seen him be a sexy Star Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy! Either way, he can father my children any day!

6. Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka

Overall attractiveness: 7.5

Cuteness of kid(s): 9

Best Feature: Their top-notch costume-designing skills.

DILF Rating: 16.5

Coming in at #6 we have two dads! Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka have the world’s cutest twins, a boy and a girl. And as if this family couldn’t get any more perfect, they have consistently made everyone else’s Halloween costumes look incredibly lame with their elaborate fam costumes. And it doesn’t hurt that both dads are easy on the eyes!


7. Kanye West

Overall attractiveness: 6

Cuteness of kid(s): 10

Best Feature: He’s Kanye. Need I say more?

DILF Rating: 16

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Kayne West isn’t the most attractive man in the world, but let’s look at the big picture, shall we? First off, North (or Nori for those of us who are slightly obsessed with Kimye) is probably the most adorable kid in the world. Combine that with Kanye just being Kanye, and he becomes quite the hot dad!


8. Will Smith

Overall attractiveness: 8.5

Cuteness of kid(s): 7

Best Feature: His adorable smile.

DILF Rating: 15.5

Who’d have thought that the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air would grow up to be #8 on the Hottest Celeb Dads list! His three kids (yes, he has a son older than Willow and Jaden) combined with his great personality and impressive bod makes Will Smith worthy of this list!

9. Ben Affleck

Overall attractiveness: 7.5

Cuteness of kid(s): 6

Best Feature: His salt and pepper hair. Man, is he aging well!

DILF Rating: 13.5

This man seems to defy the laws of aging. At 42, he still has the sex appeal of a 20 year old! His three super-cute kids help him snag the #9 spot on the list! There is no doubt that Ben Affleck is a hottie!


10. Johnny Depp

Overall attractiveness: 7

Cuteness of kid(s): 6

Best Feature: His style and overall coolness.

DILF Rating: 13

Although his kids are older, Johnny Depp still makes the list at #10. His coolness has only increased with age and he is still one of the most attractive dads out there! No matter his age, Johnny Depp will always hold a special place in the hearts of women all over the world!


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