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Tips for Creating the Perfect Road Trip

Whether it’s post-graduation or just a time for a change of scenery, a road trip is the best way to travel. However, putting together the right travel plans can be quite taxing. It’s really up to you to decide the kinds of places you want to go — and that’s the beauty of a road trip. Whether you want to explore the big cities or adventure through the countryside, here’s a guide to planning your trip.  First off, it’s crucial to dedicate time to researching the places you want to go. I find the most useful tool is travel blogs. Since there is such an abundance of them, you can see the perspectives of several others that have traveled to your desired destination. They offer insight into the costs you might incur as well. They’re also really great for finding the hidden gems of each location. 

Equally as important to picking destinations is finding the routes you’d like to take — because after all, the point of the road trip is to enjoy the journey as well. Websites like Roadtripper are specifically designed for just that and are effective tools in personalizing your route. However, planning out your trip ahead of time on Google Maps works as well. 

Additionally, consider the vehicle you’re taking on the trip. It’s imperative that it is reliable and spacious enough to accommodate your travel companions. Making sure the mode of transportation is tuned up and ready to last the entire trip ensures that the trip will go as smoothly as possible. 

Creating a budget plan is a good way to effectively space out your fun. Spending too much in one place ensures you’ll have to scale back on another portion of your trip. Creating a spreadsheet after researching your destinations can be helpful in figuring out where your money will best work for you. 

Finally, pack only the necessities. It’s likely that you’ll shop for memorabilia to bring back home, and there will be laundromats along the way to wash your clothes to re-wear. There is nothing worse than over packing and cluttering the car. 

Overall, a road trip is meant to be an individualized experience you’ll never forget. Planning it, even if painstaking, is all part of the process to create the perfect road trip. 

Sarah Kelly

Stony Brook '22

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