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Three Movies that Prove Wisconsin Women are One of a Kind

The three movies “The Prince and Me,” “Bridesmaids,” and “Love Actually” show how Wisconsin women truly are one of a kind.  Consider yourself lucky if you’re in love with a woman from this great state.

The Prince and Me

This romantic comedy film focuses on Paige Morgan, a pre-med college student in Wisconsin, who coincidentally starts an “I hate you, no I love you, oh wait you’re a prince?” romance with a prince from Denmark posing as a normal college student.  While not filmed in Wisconsin, the popular campus location, the Rathskellar, is mentioned as well as other aspects of the UW campus and Midwestern state.  Julia Styles plays the role of the beautiful Paige Morgan and introduces Prince Edvard to her country home and even country past-times like tractor racing.  Like Paige’s character, Wisconsin women are beautiful AND smart.  Even the glamour of being a queen didn’t let Paige lose sight of her dreams to be a doctor.  Wisconsin women are hardworking, just as Paige is.  Prince Edvard would agree that they are certainly worth the chase.    


This college girl’s go-to movie night pick is a hilarious romantic comedy everybody loves to quote.  Most scenes take place the mid-sized Wisconsin city of Milwaukee.  Like childhood friends Lilian and Annie, Wisconsin women are genuine and real.  The conversations between these two besties prove that they value friendship and will do literally anything for one another, even if that means getting kicked off an airplane or giving people food poisoning.  Like Lilian and her bridesmaids, Sconnie women are wonderfully diverse.  Some of us might prefer to start a female fight club like Megan, or maybe some of us may be more inclined for a day of high end dress shopping like Helen.  Nonetheless, Sconnie women are pretty badass when they band together and are “reeeeeady to par-teeeeeeey.”

Love Actually

One part of this film involves a British man named Colin who decides to go to American, where girls might dig his accent instead of facing the same bad luck in England.  Of course, when he considers a place to find sexy attractive women, he chooses Wisconsin… of all places. 

“I’ve bought a ticket to the states.  I’m off in three weeks . . . to a fantastic place called Wisconsin. . . . Wisconsin babes, here comes Sir Colin!” 

The scene where Colin meets three Wisconsin beauties in a local bar features the flirtatious January Jones, playing Jeannie, and her two roommates.  This scene may be outlandish in ways, but shows how Wisconsin Women go after what they want. 

Wisconsin is home to many things: great beer, cheese curds, winning sports teams, the best school in the Big 10, and awesome Wisconsin women to name a few.  When you say Wisconsin, you’ve said it all.  

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