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Thoughts on Jelena’s Latest Development

Oh, Jelena. Whether you love them or hate them, they seem to be back together. Selena Gomez had broken up with The Weeknd only recently, and Justin Bieber had been spotted with — well, multiple women. However, these rumors all came to an end when they allegedly reconnected after Gomez got a kidney transplant. Could this be a new era of Jelena? We hope so.

The Jelena saga started in 2010 after a date at an IHOP in Philadelphia. Much has happened since then: there have been many more dates, many break-ups (coupled with rumors of break-ups) and a whole lot of love and hate in between. Jelena’s past is complicated, to say the least; so why — after seven, long years— are we rooting for them

Gomez and Bieber have not only individually evolved as musicians, but also as human beings. Gomez had to deal with lupus, and Bieber got a DUI — they’ve both been institutionalized and have both been through similar hardships. Now, they’re healthier and happier than ever. It probably makes sense, then, that they should be a healthier and happier as couple this time around.

It’s important to build people up rather than tear them down, especially when they’re at a good place in their lives. After Gomez got her kidney transplant, she turned to Instagram to share her experience and to tell the world she feels better. Soon after, Jelena was spotted attending church and hockey games, riding bicycles and going for walks together. These are all healthy activities, and the couple seems to genuinely enjoy them, too!

Perhaps the split between Gomez and The Weeknd was bound to happen; perhaps the fire between Jelena was meant to rekindle. We believe everything in life happens for a reason; and, honestly, the heart wants what the heart wants, right? As long as Jelena is a thing, we’ll keep tuning in to their saga.

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