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Thoughts Up Bascom

The hill every UW-Madison student dreads. The hill every UW-Madison student has to hike up at some point during the week. If you haven’t quite mastered the art of catching bus 80, then Bascom hill can be your worst nightmare. While walking up Bascom Hill, many UW students share the same thoughts.

Wow, I am so out of shape.

Is anyone else breathing as heavily as I am?

It’s 15° today, why am I sweating?

I can’t believe this only burns the same number of calories as eating one Cheeto.

If I take a break to breathe, will people judge me?  I’m just gonna pretend to tie my shoe to take a quick break.

Maybe I have asthma.

Am I having a heart attack?

I need to start working out.

Well, this was enough of a work out for today.

The next time you walk up Bascom Hill, don’t do it and take the bus! Unless you’re in shape and none of this applies to you.

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