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I am absurdly passionate about this topic.

Finding a clean, empty bathroom on campus is unmatched energy that I cannot reasonably compare to anything other than the satisfaction of saying, “first and ten Wisconsin” on game day. 

As a freshman, I would scramble to find the closest, most convenient bathrooms on campus, but as the years have progressed, I have found myself returning to my favorites as opposed to the ones that are in the immediate vicinity of my classes. As a junior now, I feel I have crafted a list of my five favorite bathrooms across campus that I find myself returning to, and I am ready to pass my knowledge on to those who may have not discovered these havens yet.  

The fourth floor bathroom of the Nicholas Recreation Center

I have never seen another person in this bathroom, which is a major plus when you have just run a few laps around the track and are desperately gasping for air.  This bathroom is clean, well lit and overall a great bathroom. These are the perfect conditions to do your business or to check out your gains you’re making at the gym! 

The fourth floor East bathroom in the Business School

I discovered this bathroom while working my summer job in the facilities office at the business school, and I loved the vibes. There is a frosted window, so there is natural light, as well as big mirrors and plenty of stalls. It is also a lot less crowded than the first floor women’s bathroom that I know many people try to avoid. 

The first floor bathroom of Memorial Union, near the seating that is across from Der Rathskeller 

Although one of my least favorite bathrooms is on the same floor of this building (I’m looking at you bathroom near Peet’s) this bathroom is wonderful. In contrast to the other one it has a TON of stalls, so even when the Union is very busy, there are usually less than five other people in there. This bathroom is also well lit and has a ton of mirrors. I also appreciate that it has the option of a hand dryer or paper towels because some bathrooms only have one or the other. 

The ground floor bathroom of the Deluca Biochemistry building

This is my most recent bathroom discovery and it has quickly become one of my favorite bathrooms on campus. I discovered it before my political science lecture in the same building and it has never let me down. I have never seen another person in this bathroom, it is always clean, it has large mirrors and it has a ledge by the sink to set items down while you wash your hands. This is my go-to bathroom this semester. 

The first floor bathroom in the School of Human Ecology

Last but not least, probably the most magical bathroom I have ever been in in my life. If you have not seen this bathroom with your own eyes, I am not sure how to describe it to you. There are small lights embedded in the ceiling to resemble a starry night, and there are small details reminiscent of nature all over. If you have not seen this bathroom for yourself, I would highly recommend it. 

Although it may seem insignificant, thousands of people use the campus bathrooms every single day. I think that finding ones you can rely on to be empty and clean or to just gather yourself before your next class is an underrated experience. Although there are bathrooms on campus that I find myself visiting time and time again, there are also bathrooms that I avoid like the plague. Maybe one day I will give you that list too.

Mali Kruckenberg

Wisconsin '23

Hi :) My name is Mali and I am a junior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, double majoring in Political Science and Communication Arts. I love to hang out with my friends, watch hours upon hours of TikToks and drink a lot of green tea lemonades from Starbucks
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