A Thank You to my Freshman Year

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to announce that I am not a freshman, but in the awkward stage of almost being a sophomore...I’m not a baby anymore in college, but a child! Thank you for the standing ovation, I really do appreciate it. Before I head off the freshman stage and make my way towards the sophomore stage, I want to take time to thank people that have helped and impacted my first year in college. Some people we love, others we don’t love as much. Regardless, this year was memorable in many ways. 

  1. 1. Professors

    I feel like that’s obvious, but thank you to my professors for your dedicated time and craft, especially with online classes. I thought, coming into college, that the professors would be bland and robotic. Some were, I admit, but overall, they were engaging and put in effort into their classes. In fact, my Gender Women’s Studies professor, Christine Garlough, became more than a professor to me, but now has become my mentor and inspired me to continue my studies in the GWS field. Professor Garlough, if you’re reading this, you’re a Queen, icon, we stan, thank you for existing. The bottom line is that the professors have pushed me and taught me in more ways than I would have thought. 

  2. 2. My FIG

    classrooom and students with a projector

    The FIG (First-year Interest Group) provided me with some of my best friends. Literally. If it weren’t for FIG I would be immersed in a completely different group of people which is unsettling. We studied together, ate lunch together, heard some wild stories together (insert a quote: “What would I do if I were sober and innocent?”), and cried together (with me doing most of the crying). I can’t think of a better way to have begun my freshman year and it was the first group where I felt like I belonged and accepted and I want to thank you.

  3. 3. The GANG

    The Lalathree Girls Sitting By A Fountain

    The gang is actually a Snapchat group chat with most of my friends minus some others. To the gang, thank you for also accepting me. Thank you for putting up my crazy self during football games, for rolling your eyes when I spill drinks and loving me on that tragic Big Ten Championship game night when the Badgers not only blew their lead, but I got blindsided (if you know, you know). Some individual shoutouts: thank you for cooking that heavenly bacon, playing Reputation Stadium Tour on repeat, pulling me through Bio, crying in the dorm on that Friday night with me, tolerating my mocking, and finally to my one special friend, for being my Smelly Cat.

  4. 4. My Mom, Dad, and Sister

    Girls in the sunset

    First, to my mom: Thank you for checking up on every day, for listening to the same struggles that I’m not learning from the first time, for sending me cards with little goodies, and for overall, being there for me. You’ve been my rock and while we haven’t been eye to eye on some things, I know that when I fall, you got me. Dad, thank you for reading my papers, understanding when I forget to call you, giving me guidance on my future plans and for continuing to talk sports with me. You have a way of easing the stress and making life lighter. Sister Tess, I wrote a whole article about and to you called, “21 Reasons Why My Sister Is My Best Friend” so just read that and we’re good. But still, thank you for being my sister. Really. Thank you.

  5. 5. My whole family

    Love neon sign

    My extended family also deserves some love. You have in a way, like my dad, released stress with your humor and advice. To cousin A, for being a therapist and providing me information about majors. To cousin B, for giving me hair tips as I navigate the horrid shower conditions and for also reminding me that boys ain’t shit. For cousin C, for continuing to trash talk with me about Steph Curry and LeBron James (we ALL know that Steph is the superior person and player). Finally, thank you to my Godparents for always checking up on me as well— I love you, Sue and Don

  6. 6. My “Exes"

    broken heart on a string with black background

    I was never in a relationship long enough to call the people involved my ex, but for the sake of the article, they shall be called my ex. The dating scene so far for me, has been shit show and also non-existent kind of... Thank you to guy 1 for showing me that a) I shouldn’t get attached too quickly and b) that I am not a perfect person. To guy 2, for making me realize that sometimes the friendzone is the best zone. To guy 3, for giving me a glimpse of what it’s like to have fun in the dating world and sharing your love for FINNEAS. Finally to the girl….for confirming the fact that not only am I into guys, but also, hella into girls. While she did cause some tremendous pain, I’ve gained some confidence and has forced me to look at myself in a new, positive way.

  7. 7. My Therapist


    Through all the love drama and academic struggles and trying to process my past trauma in a whole new world of college, my therapist, Cynthia, has held my hand through the process and listened to all the dumb, fun, and smart things I’ve done. She has also been such a huge security blanket and punching pillow through this Quartintine time...Like therapy sessions are my favorite times of the week. All my friends know about Cynthia and one of them thought that she (Cynthia) was a person my age who just listened to my talk all day. I could (and probably will, to be honest) write a whole piece about how amazing my therapist is.

  8. 8. My Roommate

    two women sit on a swing set. they are facing each other.

    Dorm life is a huge part of college life and it would be a shame on my end if I didn’t mention my roommate. Thank you, roommate, for teaching me how to communicate effectively, for pushing me to stand up for myself, and that academics are superior to everything else. Thank you for motivating me, for also helping me with Bio and pointing out the fact that not everyone has the same sleeping schedule as I do. Roommate, I shall remember you for a long time, but while I’m still here in your graces, I just want to thank you.

  9. 9. First Floor Leopold RA 

    business women working together with coffee

    Many RA’s are nonexistent around dorms and don’t take the time to really get to know and help their residents. My RA was different. She was always around and one email away from listening. So, I would like to thank you, RA. Thank you for listening to my love drama, probably thinking how much of a dumb freshman that I am, and for being there overall when I needed help on a personal level. Thank you for the hard work that you put in organizing activities for us residents, and finally, thank you for help eat my chocolate covered pretzels. Without you, I probably would have added four more pounds to my Freshman 15 (which in fact I actually have).


    galentine's day party

    I must thank the organization that has given me the platform to write my monthly articles. To the co-presidents, Erin and Ally, your hard work does not go unnoticed as you plan meetings, socials and help the writers. To section and managing editors, for taking the time to read articles and turn my solid articles into superb articles….Also, I still don’t know if we use the oxford comma or not, so thank you for dealing with that (maybe for this article, I’ll check on the comma situation just for y’all). Regardless of commas, thank you HerCampus WI and I’m so excited for the next three years

Well, that was a lot. I’m sure some of you are sitting down...get back up and clap for me, I deserve it! This article is written as if I don’t have three-plus years of school left, but the first in everything is important and a huge milestone so I want to acknowledge that. Thank you everyone for being in my life and giving me support, guidance, and lessons. Without you, I would not be switching to new stages.