Ten Signs It’s Time to Leave Your Guy

There are a lot of obvious reasons people break up in college, whether it be something small like busy schedules or something serious like cheating. But sometimes, there just isn’t an obvious enough reason for you to say goodbye. Here are 10 signs that it’s time to leave your guy at the moments when you’re questioning whether it’s worth staying in the relationship.

  1. If he’s sketchy/overprotective of his phone.

If your guy is doing this, he’s probably hiding something. There’s a difference between him texting a lab partner for notes and hitting up another girl late at night. You know that he knows the difference. So don’t let him be sketchy and convince you otherwise.

  1. If he always chooses to hang out with his guy friends over you.

If he doesn’t make time for you and always chooses to make plans with someone else over you, you’re not a priority. That said, if you feel like you’re always coming in second to something or someone else, you’ve got to move on. One day you’ll find someone who makes you a priority, and you’ll look back and wonder why you wasted time with someone who didn’t.

  1. If he’s super jealous or controlling.

It’s easy to fall into really intense and overwhelming relationships, and this definitely isn’t healthy. College is a time to be free and find yourself, but you won’t be able to do that if your guy is overly jealous and is constantly watching your every move. This isn’t going to make for a good relationship moving forward, so get out before you’re in too deep.

  1. If he is always late or bailing on plans.

If he is always bailing on you or showing up late, then he doesn’t respect your time. Yes, college is busy and stressful, but if you can keep a promise and meet up with him, then he should be able to do the same for you. If he starts to seem uninterested, take that for what it actually is and walk away.

  1. If he lies.

Even if the guy you have been seeing is just telling little white lies, that may mean that he has bigger lies. If he’s comfortable with lying about small things, you can bet there are other things he isn’t being truthful about too. If there isn’t trust in a relationship, then what’s the point?

  1. If your friends hate him.

This is never a good sign! If your friends in any way signal that they don’t like your guy, there is probably a really good reason and you should listen to them. Your closest friends know you the best and want the best for you. If they think he isn’t right, then you should not dismiss those comments and make sure you really take that into consideration.

  1. If he doesn’t listen to you when you talk.

Does your boyfriend seem more interested in whatever he is scrolling through on his iPhone than in what you’re saying? Does he always forget what you tell him? If you answered yes to these questions, he’s clearly not putting in interest in what you’re saying. You deserve better and can definitely find someone who is.

  1. If he won’t make it official or doesn’t tell people who you are.

College is full of casual hookups and dates, but if he refuses to put a label on the relationship after you have been seeing each other for a while and have been doing everything as a pair of couple, he just isn’t right for you. You deserve the best, and someone else will be willing to commit. So, don’t waste time with the loser who won’t.

  1. If he makes you feel like you should change something about yourself.

If he’s constantly pushing you to somehow change who you are by commenting on the things you do or the way you look, leave him! I cannot stress this enough. Unless you have super unhealthy, self-destructive habits that he’s trying to address, he shouldn’t be trying to change who you are. College is the time where you should be finding yourself, not morphing to fit someone else’s perception of perfection.

  1. If your gut tells you to leave him, then you should listen to it.

We all know that nagging feeling we get when something just isn’t right. If you find yourself lying awake at night feeling like something is wrong with your relationship, then you need to trust that feeling. It can be hard to leave something that feels comfortable and familiar, but if your gut is telling you that it’s not right, you’ve got to listen to it.


It can be hard to see the signs that it’s time to leave your guy, and it can be even harder to walk away. But trust me, in the end you’ll be happy you left him. This campus is full of new people and opportunities; you can and will do better.