Struggles of Using Campus Wi-Fi

The idea of campus Wi-Fi is downright magical. Getting on campus and finding out that Wi-Fi is free and basically everywhere was practically culture shock. However, the reality is a little different from the fantasy. Don’t get me wrong, free Wi-Fi is great; however, there are more than a few reasons campus Wi-Fi isn’t as amazing as we’d like to think.

  1. Having Wi-Fi that’s never strong enough.

“I like my Wi-Fi the way I like my Dalmatians: spotty,” said no one ever.


  1. Needing to buy an Ethernet cable and router “just in case.”

I know some college students have a disposable income, but that’s just ridiculous. Who can afford to buy all of those tech supplies?


  1. Playing a game of daredevil when you have an assignment due.

Your English assignment is due at 11:59 p.m. You haven’t submitted it yet, and the Wi-Fi cuts out at 11:45 p.m.


  1. Having to find study spaces based on Wi-Fi reception.

The café on the other side of campus may have crappy and expensive food but at least it has great Wi-Fi.


  1. Knowing that your money is going towards Wi-Fi that’s only kind of reliable.

I’m paying thousands of dollars each year for this?


  1. Only having one Ethernet outlet per dorm room.

Sharing is caring; but right now, I do not care one bit.


  1. Being practically forced to share your router password with everyone when the Wi-Fi cuts out.

Just because I can be the superhero of the dorm for the night doesn’t mean that I want to be.


Campus Wi-Fi is an absolute pain in the butt, but you’ll miss it eventually. Free Wi-Fi will sound like a blessing once you start getting monthly bills for it. So, appreciate it while it lasts (no matter how poor it may be).