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Spring Rolls ARE Worth the Wait

Hungry college students wait for 30, 40, and sometimes 50 minutes for mouth watering spring rolls. Some people call us ridiculous, but I can assure you that these spring rolls are indeed worth the wait. For those haters who pass the line and laugh, read on to hear the hype.

1. They’re very cheap

We all know that spending money it a touchy subject for many college students. Spring rolls are as inexpensive as $3. Having spring rolls for lunch or after class will not empty out your pockets. Suck up the wait for a cheap, delicious meal.

2. Get in a quick tan in the nice weather

This line is a great place to catch some rays in the nice weather. While moving up in line, turn towards the sun and maybe you’ll be lucky to get some color. This may come off as a stretch, but as a Wisconsin student we all know to take advantage of the nice weather.

3. Procrastinate

Need some time away from the books or computer screen? Take this time to wait for a spring roll, the line most likely won’t be empty. Having one will give you a much needed energy boost that we all need to keep studying.

4. The friendly vendor  

The spring roll chef herself is always warm and welcoming to her customers. If you visit her cart frequently enough, she may even have your order memorized. Her friendly conversations are positive additions to a stressful school day.

5. Socialize with those on line

To pass time, turn to those around you on line and speak with them. You never know what parties, events or study sessions you may hear about. After plenty of exchanges, you may suddenly be at the front of the line.

6. People watch

Many crazy people pass by the food trucks. You can watch girls yelling to sell girl scout cookies, watch people walking their dogs or students running to class hoping not to be late. Waiting on line gives you the excuse to people watch. You never know what you may catch.

7. They’re healthy

These spring rolls are a healthy alternative to the diet of a college student. It comes with a base of vegetables including lettuce, cucumbers and mint. Healthy add-ons can range from ginger to pad Thai noodles. To ensure fullness you are able to add on chicken, shrimp and/or avocado. All ingredients are extremely fresh!

If you haven’t had the patience to wait for a spring roll, I hope this article provides you some motivation to endure the line. 

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