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Single, Taken, or Other: Today’s Hookup Culture as Told by Carrie Bradshaw

If Carrie Bradshaw were to endure her extraordinary romantic columnist career in today’s society, her outlook on the formation of relationships would be extremely different than it was on Sex and The City. In other words, defining relationships is extremely difficult considering today’s hookup culture. When does a random hookup become a step towards a relationship, and when is it strictly a random hookup? When does a relationship become serious, and when can you finally say you aren't single anymore? Even though you may think you are completely single and available, there may be a good chance you are not. There are many causes of this misconception.

What kind of “single” relationship are you in?

  1. The booty call: That person that you can consistently text at 2 a.m. after a night out
  1. Friends with benefits: A friend that you can “booty call” with no strings attached
  1. Being “together,” or a “thing” with someone: Consistent hookup without the aspect of serious expectations regarding your relationship

  1. Being “together” with someone exclusively: Consistent hookup, basically dating, but without the title
  1. The Open Relationship: Dating, but not exclusive

What kind of relationship are you in?

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