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Signs of Summer as told by Disney Channel

There’s no greater feeling than starting summer vacation. After finally finishing that last exam, there’s nothing stopping you from having a good time— summer is finally here! Here are some tell-tale signs that it’s finally the best time of the year.

Walking out of your last exam like…

At this point, who cares if you didn’t get an A on every single one of your finals? All that matters is that you’re finally DONE.

Seeing your hometown best friends after a long time apart and realizing you get to spend all summer together.

The stunning realization that you don’t have to do homework for months.

Moment of silence for all of those people taking summer classes.

Realizing that you’re living under your parents’ roof and their rules.

Seeing all the boys looking great in their summer outfits.

Having home cooked meals all summer.

It makes up for eating terribly all school year long.

Realizing you have to leave your college friends.

The only thing harder than saying “see you later” to college is saying it to all your great friends.

When you have to face that harsh reality (your summer job).

The fact that it’s socially acceptable to eat ice cream all the time.

When you can no longer feel guilty about binge-watching Netflix all day.

Having warm temperatures and feeling the sun on your skin.

Driving around town with the windows down and music up.

Summer only comes once a year, and it always goes by quickly. Make the most out of every sunshine-filled moment you get!

Hi, I'm Abby Coppens, a junior at the University of Wisconsin- Madison. I'm pursuing a degree in Economics and Retail. In my free time, I really enjoying hanging out with my friends and family, doing homework, biking, and reading. I'm the biggest friends fanatic on the planet. Go Badgers!
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