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The Seven Deadly Lecture Sins

Like any public place, there are a set of unwritten rules that everyone should follow in order to have a good experience. Here are some of the rules that you should avoid breaking in lecture halls.

1. Sitting on the end of an empty row

This one is more for the people who give you a mean look when you make them get up.

B*tch please… You’re the one who decided to block off the whole row.

2. Making people get up during class just so you can sit next to your friend.

Someone comes in 3 minutes late for class and their friend is sitting in the middle of a row with an open spot. You are sitting comfortably taking notes on the arm desk when all of a sudden you hear, “excuse me”(at least they used their manners). As you struggle to stand up and hold on to all of the shit that was on your desk, you look down at the five other people who are struggling as well. Cue the unnecessary shimmying through the entire row when the issue could have been avoided by sitting in the spot right next to you.

3. Asking ridiculous questions

I’m all for asking questions and feeling safe to do so, but don’t waste our time with a ridiculous question.

4. Whispering loudly

This one can be especially annoying when people are talking about extremely stupid things.

5. Letting your phone vibrate the whole lecture

I would take this over a phone on loud any day! At least when the phone goes off with sound, everyone kinda giggles and the embarrassment causes them to shut the darn thing off. However, when the phone vibrates, students seem to think that no one can hear it. 

6. Using social media on your computer

You are sitting in class listening attentively (for once) when a cute pair of shoes catches your eye. You look over and realize the girl in front of you is browsing Pinterest. Next, they start stalking someone on Facebook, and as you watch, you realize your Facebook stalking is at a whole new level…Worse yet, you just spent lecture watching someone else browse the internet.

7. Showing up to class smelling terrible

Just as you put on some great smelling hand lotion, someone in sweatpants and hoody sits down next to you. That’s when you smell it, “BRUH! this is a 1:20! How have you not taken a shower yet? Did you just come from the SURF?” You then have to breath in through your mouth for the next 50 minutes of your life. (just be happy it’s not a power lecture)

Now that we have these rules on paper, there is no excuse for not knowing them. The general rule of thumb in lecture (and life) is to be respectful to those around you and always spread kindness wherever you can, because it will always find its way back to you.

Communication Arts and Computer Science at UW Madison.
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