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Seoul Fashion Week Fall & Winter 2019

February and March are deemed as the fashion month for many top designers, fashion influencers and models. It is the time where you discover the fashion trends for the next season and what to add to your closet. I love following fashion week from different countries, but Seoul Fashion Week always leaves me with the best impression. Here are five things that stood out to me from the Fall and Winter 2019 collections.


1. Blazers

Seoul street styles always amaze me with their daring and bold looks. The one garment that was prominently seen was the blazer. They took a blazer that is seen as a professional staple and recreated it into different styles such as cropped, oversized, and cinched at the waist. If you want to take something out of Seoul street style, it’s definitely the styling of a blazer.


2. The Half-Split Technique

This technique is “when one piece of clothing is cut down the middle in two and then matched with others of contrasting fabrics.” It was very prominent in most of the designers’ shows with puffer jackets, skirts, dresses and shirts. This technique has been around for a while, and it’s interesting to see how the designers used it in their fall and winter season looks. Some of the designers that featured very unique half split styles were Youser, Maxxij, and Big Park.


3. Seoul Cool Kids

Seoul cool kids always bring the fashion in Seoul Fashion Week. These kids come dressed in style and ready to slay any pictures. Most of the time, they are walking around Seoul Fashion Week trying to be the trendiest and most fashionable people on the street. The best thing is these toddlers are having fun and enjoying themselves.

4. Cottweiler, the First British Brand in Seoul Fashion Week

With the partnership between the British Fashion Council and Seoul Fashion Week, Cottweiler will become the first British brand to have a show in Seoul Fashion Week. They re-presented their AW19 season collection, which is the fall and winter collection shown at London Fashion Week.

5. Twinning Dressing

“Couple looks” originated from South Korea, where couples will dress head to toe in a matching outfit. However, it took a different turn during fashion week with siblings to best friends dressing alike and complementing each other’s outfits in different ways. From the use of jackets, shirts or pants, they were able to create a twin look.

For more information on Seoul Fashion Week, check out their Instagram feed @hera_seoulfashionweek_official or their website (FYI, If you use Google Chrome, it will translate the website to English).

Cynthia Ubah grew up in Maryland. She is attending University of Wisconsin-Madison pursuing International Studies with a certificate in Global Health and East Asian Studies. She hopes to work and live in South Korea for a few years. If you are looking for someone to watch Korean drama with or listen to Kpop, she is your girl. Her interests are God, cooking, hangout with friends, reading books, learning Korean, and fashion. Check out her blog at https://mylifeinthemoments.wixsite.com/mysite .
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