Senior Year As Told by Girls

For graduating seniors, as the HBO series Girls comes to a close, so does the end of another wonderful chapter in our lives: the end of college. In a lot of ways, the last semester of college is like the last season of Girls. We are in denial it's ending. We don't know what to do when it's over. And we can't wait to savor every moment we have left of it. 

Trying to justify to your parents why you haven't found a job yet:

Realizing that for the first time in your life you might not know what the future holds past May: 

When you can't afford to take another unpaid internship, because life actually costs a lot of money:

Finding out yet another friend already got a job: 

And then they tell you not worry because you'll find one eventually: 

Constantly searching for the motivation to focus on anything school-related, because you just want to graduate already:

 Somedays you feel utterly lost, wondering if you will ever actually figure out this whole "adulting" thing:

When you have had so many interviews that you don't even know how to answer why you want to work for this specific company:

Thinking back to how fearless and optimistic you felt about the future as a freshman:

Versus how you feel now as a senior: 

When people won't stop asking what you have planned after graduation:

But, at the end of the day, you're having the time of your life as a senior, and you want to soak up all the time you have left with your best friends on campus:

Sometimes we can all get a little overly dramatic about the future, much like the cast of Girls. But whether you've already secured a job or you're drowning in job applications, don't stress too much about post-grad life. Pretty soon you won't be able to go out three nights in a row or hang out with your best friends every day. So enjoy it!