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TV’s most glamorous real estate agents are back to serve, sell and surprise

The real estate agents of Sunset Boulevard are once again back on our screens. Season 7 of Selling Sunset has landed on Netflix, and like usual, it did not disappoint. As this season was filmed back-to-back with season 6, we get to see a continuation of many previous storylines. As always, The Oppenheim Group gives us a look into some of the most gorgeous properties in California, all while being subjected to the dysfunctional dynamic the agents have with one another. 

For what seems like the first time, finances are a big topic of conversation this season. Jason and Brett are expanding the O Group at a rapid rate. We hear them say they have just opened offices in Cabo (where the cast takes a trip to in the latter half of the season) and San Diego. They have also decided to buy a sizable unit only a few feet away from their original Sunset Boulevard office so that there is more room for the current ladies and a few potential new additions. While Jason is spending money freely on a pool table and light fixtures, Brett is more concerned about the state of the real estate industry. We hear the ladies talk frequently about the “mansion tax.” As of April 1st, 2023, there was a 4% tax imposed on properties above $5 million and a 5.5% tax on homes sold at over $10 million in Los Angeles. Filming of this season takes place at the beginning of 2023, so the agents are anxious to help their clients buy and sell their homes before the tax kicks in.

A consistent presence in all seven seasons, the mention of the unstable relationships between the ladies of the brokerage provides multiple other storylines.  Chrishell is not on good terms with Nicole or Amanza. Chelsea and Bre still can’t squash their issues. On top of this, Jason’s girlfriend Marie-Lou and Chrishell can’t seemingly get along, frustrating Jason’s hopes for an amicable relationship with his ex Chrishell. While last season, Mary was left to deal with all the drama, this time, Jason tries to take the reins, but some of the arguments are too far gone. Amanza tries many times to play the peacemaker but often gets caught in the crossfire, which blows up when the cast has their final dinner in Cabo. Emma and Chrishell don’t show up due to Chrishell’s frustrations with Marie-Lou and Nicole. Amanza sends Chrishell a video asking why she did not make the effort to go and is left stunned by her reaction. The strain is palpable until the finale, where the pair make up at the new L.A. office opening party.

Since Mary is no longer the office manager, her relationship with Romain shines through and she is much more relaxed. She provides both the happiest and saddest moments of this season when we see her find out she is pregnant, only for her to reveal a few episodes later that she suffered a miscarriage. Seeing the office and Romain support her during this emotional time was beautiful to witness, especially at a time when the drama was intensifying. An original agent since the beginning of the Oppenheim Group ten years ago, viewers have seen a lot of major moments in Mary’s life throughout the past seven seasons. The same can be said for Chrishell. She announces in the final episode that she and her partner G-Flip got married in Vegas. Show veteran Heather Rae El Moussa also experienced a milestone when she gave birth to her first son in April. While we see a couple of glimpses of her in the first few episodes, she revealed a few months ago that the show creators did not ask her back once she went on maternity leave. 

It wouldn’t be Selling Sunset if the season doesn’t end with a party that includes a blowout and friendship make-up. This time, we see a frustrated Bre lash out at Jason over the percentage of commission she is getting. She then gets into an argument with Cassandra, a potential agent who could join the O group that Chelsea is pushing hard for. Bre claims she does not know her and that Cassandra rubbed her the wrong way when she introduced herself at an open house in Cabo. The last episode ends with Bre storming out of the L.A. office opening party and we are left wondering whether Bre will leave the brokerage. Season 8 has yet to be announced, but due to the show’s tremendous success, an announcement is likely to occur sooner rather than later. With both Bre and Chrishell struggling with office dynamics, one wonders whether they will choose to stay or go down a different path. 

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