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S’cute Winter Robes & Slippers

Now that it’s chilly, *hopefully* snowy and winter break is upon us, what could be better than reading by the fireplace or watching movies in bed? NOTHING.

When you’re all warm and cozy, the last thing you want to do is freeze to death during those inevitable trips to the fridge. To keep you cozy during that brutal walk, you’ll need a fuzzy robe and slippers. Here’s a few cute options for you!


      1. Victoria’s Secret Snowball Fleece Robe

      2. Tommy Hilfiger Terry French Robe

      3. UGG Blanche Robe

      4. Ski Valley Lodge plush robe in black dot 

      5. Hooded snowflake robe



      1. MUK LUKS Fairisle Knit Scuff Slippers

      2. Polar bear knit slippers

      3. MUK LUKS Tassle Booties

      4. Wisconsin snowflake slippers

      5. Pottery Barn faux fur slippers


Sure, you could just wear a hoodie and some socks, but everyone knows you’ll feel 387% happier in a cozy robe and cute slippers!  

Lily R. Hansen, a 2017 UW-Madison graduate, served as a managing editor of the HC Wisconsin chapter beginning her sophomore year. An avid reader and writer, Lily also has a passion for live music and breakfast foods.  
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