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Reduce, Reuse, Refresh: Our Favorite Water Bottles for Fall

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wisconsin chapter.

We all know that to be healthy, you’ve got to drink healthy. Obviously, drinking healthy means drinking water, and lots of it! Here’s our top picks for water bottles and why we love each one!

1. Contigo Autospout Addison

Best for: daily use, around campus

Size: 24 oz.

Cost: $13

Why we love it: This bottle is surprisingly narrow for the amount of water it holds and conveniently fits inside a cup holder. I love that the straw opens with the push of a button on the front of the bottle so you can “operate” it with one hand, perfect for the girl on the go (or just the girl like me, who enjoys water in one hand and cell in the other)! The bottle has a simple design and has a nice little cover that goes over the straw so gross germs and dirt aren’t always in contact.

2. Zulu Core

Best for: daily use, going to gym

Size: 20 oz.

Cost: $15

Why we love it: We have to celebrate what makes this bottle so unique, which is that it is made of glass instead of plastic. The company which makes this bottle claims that water tastes fresher when coming from glass; while I can’t say I disagree, I’m not entirely convinced. That’s for you to decide. However, having used this bottle myself, I can say it is of the highest quality. As a major klutz, I thought I would break the glass immediately after purchasing, but the silicone has held up surprisingly well. Whether you’re convinced that water from a glass tastes cleaner than plastic or not, this is a durable, well-designed bottle. Also, the flippy top is fun to use.

3. The Gatorade Contour Bottle

Best for: cardio or working out

Size: 32 oz.

Cost: $6

Why we love it: This is a favorite of mine and the bottle I used all through high school. I got them free through my sports teams, but you can buy them relatively cheap through places like Amazon or Dick’s Sporting Goods. They’re great for working out because when I’m doing cardio and on the move, the last thing I want to do is untwist a little cap; instead, these water bottles are easy to just squirt to drink and keep moving. Also the cheap cost means if I forget it at the gym, there isn’t a huge loss.

4. CamelBak Eddy

Best for: daily use, Classes

Size: 25 oz.

Cost: $15

Why we love it: Classic and simple, this water bottle is everywhere on campus, and for good reason. It’s conveniently dishwasher safe and easy to carry. We also love the straw feature, which arguably makes the CamelBak iconic. It really helps to avoid spills and can be used with or without the straw based on your preference to tip the bottle or not. Of course, this bottle can’t be discussed without mentioning the lifetime guarantee, which makes the $15 all the more worth it.

5. Brita Sport Bottle

Best for: daily use, filling on campus

Size: 20 oz.

Cost: $10

Why we love it: The water coming from the sink may be perfectly safe, but it often doesn’t have that same crisp, clean taste as from home. This bottle helps the dingy tap water not only taste cleaner, but thanks to the built-in filter, it also makes the water safer by removing impurities. The soft sides make it easy to squeeze or sip for water. We also love the loop and convenient size of this bottle.

6. Hydroflask Standard Mouth

Best for: daily use, time outdoors

Size: 24 oz.

Cost: $30

Why we love it: This bottle is second to none when it comes to keeping cold, and hot, beverages at their ideal temp. It’s promised to keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours or hot drinks for up to 6 hours. We love the matte finish which is resistant to scratches and is completely sweat-proof! It also comes in 14 great colors perfect for any personality. There’s also another option for the cap if you prefer a sport-style cap to a twistable version. While it is a little pricier, it’s definitely worth the investment for a bottle that won’t let you down.

7. S’well Elements Collection Opal Marble

Best for: hot and cold drinks, daily use

Size: 25 oz.

Cost: $45

Why we love it: I may be way behind the times, but I just noticed these bottles popping up everywhere, and I have to say, I want to get in on the trend. These bottles, which are made from double-walled stainless steel, keep drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for 12. We also love that although the top is narrower, it still fits ice cubes. The sweat-proof metal comes outfitted in tons of different gorgeous prints, which is perhaps what makes this such a popular bottle choice. I absolutely love this opal stone finish!

8. Nalgene Wide Mouth

Best for: adventuring, daily use, in class

Size: 32 oz.

Cost: $11

Why we love it: Okay, I may be a little biased on this one, but Nalgene water bottles are amazing. I have had mine forever, and it has held up to every drop, kick, and any other kind of harm I have thrown at it. These bottles are so sturdy and come in many great colors. My favorite feature of the wide mouth is that it is very easy to wash. Life in college is accompanied by limited access to dishwashers, so being able to easily clean the inside of the bottle is a very important feature. I also love the size which perfectly fits in the pocket of my backpack.

There you have it, our top water bottle picks for Fall. Bottoms up!