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Ranking Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s 5 Most Iconic Red Carpet Looks

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wisconsin chapter.

Louis-Dreyfus truly slays every award show

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is most known for her prominent roles in the classic 90’s sitcom Seinfeld and 2012’s Veep. While she most definitely served some major looks on-screen, she turned heads when it came to award ceremonies’ red carpet events. Spoiler alert: all of them are fabulous, and even if a look isn’t included in this list, it doesn’t mean it wasn’t iconic in some way.

5. The sweet and simple 2006 Emmy Awards

This look is both elegant and classy. It highlights Louis-Dreyfus’s figure in a flattering light, and coupled with the simple updo makes for a really professional look. 2006 was a big year awards-wise for Louis Dreyfus, seeing as she won her second Emmy that year. In an interview with Vogue, Louis-Dreyfus said this is one of her favorite looks, and while I admire its simple and understated style, I feel like it is a little boring compared to other red carpet moments from the time. I also feel like the black shoulder details could have been incorporated in a more cohesive manner, since they almost remind me of an oddly-placed seatbelt.

4. The 1996 Emmy Awards’ Neon Disco Ball

Don’t get me wrong—I love anything sparkly, and this dress doesn’t disappoint on that front. It’s a beautiful cut and color that makes Louis-Dreyfus glow from within, and the full-length skirt enhances the glam of this outfit. It does feel a bit like a prom dress though, especially some of the reflective glittery ones that are quite trendy at the moment. But for the late 90’s, this dress was definitely on trend and eye-catching enough for an awards show, without being too ostentatious.

3. Serving sexy Elaine Benes at the 2015 SAG Awards

I am living for this gothic, lacey top moment. Dark colors work so well for Louis-Dreyfus, and the deep v-neck is also super flattering. I appreciate this look for how different it is than from her “normal” red carpet dresses. It’s a bit sexier while still remaining professional, and shows the versatility of Louis-Dreyfus that is so evident in her career. This look is very cohesive when you consider the vampy eye makeup and long curls with the black, lacy silhouette. Overall, it captures her elegance and poise, while still seeming fun and a bit flirty.

2. the 1995 Emmy Awards: Grunge Meets Class

Can we get a little commotion for the front of the dress? Louis-Dreyfus has admitted that this look pushed boundaries during the 90’s, especially for her, since she was more used to dressing in workwear-inspired pieces for Seinfeld. But this breakaway from her typical style is one of my favorite red carpet looks because it encapsulates the time period so well. There’s the black velvet, tousled hair, dark lipstick and smokey eyes. Louis-Dreyfus looks seductive and confident, and truly owned this awards ceremony.

1. Pretty in a Pink Bob Mackie Couture for the 1998 Emmy Awards

This is my personal favorite for many reasons. First, the color is simply gorgeous—the shade of pink isn’t too childish, feeling more ethereal and royal than other pinks. The bodice details with the boning and lace are to die for, and the draping along the skirt is dramatic, yet not over-the-top. It’s a simple silhouette, but feels so elegant and as though it was made for Louis-Dreyfus. In fact, she was integral in the construction of this gown, working closely with designer Bob Mackie for measurements, fit and color choices. The finishing touches with the satin pointed shoes and slicked-back high bun make Louis-Dreyfus look like the princess she is.

In the words of Julia Louis-Dreyfus, “Nothing could be groovier than [these] looks,” but when isn’t Louis-Dreyfus a fashion icon? Both onscreen and off, at red carpet events or even in her street style, Louis-Dreyfus remains relevant within the fashion world, and definitely is one of my style icons. As her career continues to flourish, I expect we’ll see many more red carpet slays from Louis-Dreyfus.

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