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The post-spring break breakdown

Truth: Spring Break is NEVER as relaxing as you think it might be. And why should it be? For many, Spring Break is the one last hurrah before you and your friends disperse for summer vacation – and in my case, for graduation. All that aside, the Post-Spring Break Recovery is an important one…and I’m here to walk you through each and every tricky step.
1. Skip class, not parties.
Like I said, we only have so much time for raging and such now that we’re back from Spring Break. If you must cut out something from your oh-so-busy schedule, make it those classes that are super pointless/super boring/super inconvenient. A girl’s gotta have her priorities straight in important times like these.
2. Get yo’ beauty sleep.
The best way to maintain that post-Spring Break glow? Get in those 8 hours. A well-rested collegiette is a happy, calm and good-natured collegiette.
3. Keep up your pre-Spring Break workout regimen.
Remember how bangin’ you felt right before Spring Break? It’s perfectly natural to feel less-than-bangin’ in the aftermath of your vacay, but if you keep up your amped-up workout when you return home, you’ll start feeling much, much better. Allow yourself indulgences, of course, but I always find I’m a much happier person after a solid workout.
4. Be a “Yes Man.”
Sure, I’m borrowing that phrase from the not-so-stellar Jim Carrey flick of the same name, but with only a few weeks left of school you should experience all Wisco has to offer. If a class friend invites you to his/her house party, you go. If a coworker invites you to drinks after work, you go. You get the point.
5. See the outdoors, live the outdoors, be the outdoors.
It’s not everyday we have this kind of weather in the arctic tundra that is Madison, Wis. Even though the weather is slightly chilly as I write this, the sun is shining and there is just a hint of green on the trees. I, for one, am taking that as my cue to enjoy this tropical climate while I can. 

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