Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande Call Off Their Engagement

After meeting on the set of Saturday Night Live, Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande started a whirlwind romance that would soon end after a short five months later; not quite the 10 years as Pete Davidson had joked during a skit on SNL.

When Ariana Grande appeared on SNL, it was the first time that the singer worked alongside the comedian. Two years later, she and Pete broke up with their respective partners, Mac Miller and Cazzie, just a week apart from each other. Finally, on May 30, the two confirmed their relationship on Instagram after plenty of speculation.



It has undoubtedly been an emotional year for Ariana Grande. From the terrorist attack during her concert in Manchester and now the death of Mac Miller,she has been left with an incredibly hefty emotional weight. Although Mac and Ariana broke up in May, she still supported Mac in everything he did; Ariana never stopped loving him. To make things worse, Ariana was unfairly trolled with vicious comments, blaming her for Mac’s death, and she even received some death threats as a result.



Ariana Grande has taken some time away from the spotlight since Mac Miller’s death. It was important for her to “heal and mend.” She needed time to focus on her emotional well being before she went back to dedicating herself to entertaining everyone else.

The breakup rumors started on October 9 when Pete Davidson seemed to have covered up the “Dangerous Woman” bunny ears tattoo he got behind his ear. Just six days later, Ariana and Pete were reported to have broken up.

After all of the emotional turmoil that the couple has faced, it almost seemed that a split was inevitable. A source has said that both parties acknowledge that “it simply was not the right time for their relationship to take off” but they still love one another. Honestly, this all makes a lot of sense considering the emotional turmoil Ariana is in right now.


Pete and Ariana’s romance was a super fast one. They got engaged after only one week of dating and were engaged only five months before calling it off. Not a lot of relationships last after happening this quickly and a source has said that both agree it was “too much too soon”.

Another source has said that there was a lot that lead up to the split. Their relationship was fast paced and many people were shocked to hear of their engagement so soon. Also, Ariana has been shouldering a lot of anxiety and backlash from Mac Miller fans after his death, and it has become too much for just her and Pete to handle. TBH, I'm just wondering what will happen to that killer apartment they bought together, and their adorable pig named "Piggie Smallz."