The Perks of Staying Uncuffed During Cuffing Szn

With the turn of the seasons from fall to winter comes the worst time of the year. It's not Christmas shopping or having relatives ask (for the hundredth time!!) what your life plan is... it's the dreaded cuffing season (cue dramatic music please).

The term “cuffing season” has started trending in recent years around the winter months. It encourages people to find a significant other to help combat the cold, loneliness and awkward family interactions. Soon, cute couple pictures will dominate your social media feeds, and it's hard not to compare yourself to the lives of others. | Unsplash Cuffing season is a social construct that can make people who are single during the holiday season feel less than because they don’t have a cutie to cuddle up and take Instagram-worthy pics with. However, staying “uncuffed” has just as many (if not more) perks as being in a relationship, and here's why! 

While being in a relationship can help reaffirm that you are loved and valued, you have just as much worth when you are single versus when you are cuffed. Another person cannot add to the value you hold within you, so there's no need to jump into something that you’re not truly ready for. If you want to date someone, great! But don’t feel like you need to commit to someone just because it's that time of the year.

Girl jumping with red heart balloon Via Denise Husted on Pixabay Seeing your friends with their cute bae can make you feel like you’re missing out, but being single is pretty darn great! When you’re single, you can focus on yourself and your schedule, hog the bed and all the blankets, and flirt with the hotties at the bar. You can make your own plans, binge your favorite Netflix show as much as you want, and enjoy the freedom that comes with being unattached!

Being one of the few people that isn’t cuffed this season can be frustrating and difficult, but being uncuffed this cuffing season has its own set of perks!