Perfectly Imperfect Tour Comes to UW

On Tuesday April 26th , the Perfectly Imperfect Tour partnered with Plan-B-One Step and Carly Aquilino and Nessa Diab from MTV’s “Girl Code” and took a stop at UW Madison to show what it means to be perfectly imperfect. Brought to campus by the Her Campus Wisconsin team, the tour was filled with photo booth adventures, dancing on East Campus Mall, and learning about the tour’s mission to educate women that everything is going to be okay if and when plan A fails.

The Perfectly Imperfect Tour visits colleges around the nation to discuss what it means to be perfectly imperfect and the truth behind emergency contraception, a topic that has many misconceptions and stigma around it. The tour’s mission is to erase those misperceptions and teach young women that it is alright if things do not go as planned, and they want women to realize that it’s okay not to be perfect. The stop at UW-Madison was an opportunity for students to share the moments in their life that aren’t perfect, from a bad hair day to contraception failure, and an opportunity to get educated on a topic that isn’t widely discussed.

The first part of the day, Carly and Nessa, along with the Her Campus Wisconsin team, hung out on East Campus Mall to rally students to participate in the mission. Photo booth and dancing adventures ensued, along with educating passing students about the misconceptions and stigma around emergency contraception. Students also had the chance to snap a photo and speak with Carly and Nessa personally about what this means to them. The team had so much fun rallying around the cause, and the cold couldn’t even bring us down!

Later in the evening, Carly and Nessa along with expert OB/GYN Dr. Diana Ramos presented a panel at Gordon’s Commons to get down to business on educating about emergency contraception. It was astonishing to see all the misconceptions women around the nation have about it, and learning what “plan-b” really is was eye-opening. For example, Plan-B One Step is not an abortion pill and will not harm an existing pregnancy. Also, Plan-B One Step will work up to 72 hours after a birth-control failure or unprotected sex. In addition to learning new things, Carly, Nessa and Dr. Ramos spoke about times when they didn’t feel perfect and ways they realized that it’s ok to have those moments.

It was a day to remember, and the Her Campus Wisconsin team had so much fun with Carly and Nessa and the team with the Perfectly Imperfect Tour. We learned so much and hope students around the UW Campus did too. To learn about the Perfect Imperfect Tour and their mission, visit and follow @perfectlyimperfect on Instagram.