An Open Letter to the Baristas at the State Street Starbucks

Dear Employees of the State Street Starbucks,


You all are my heroes.

Thank you for putting up with my daily orders of a “venti eight pump iced chai tea latte with soy milk” and for making my day a little brighter with each visit!

I know that being in the service industry sucks, and you probably have a handful of customers that make you want to poison the coffee pot or quit but thank you for putting on a fake smile, (safely!) making drinks, and staying where you are so the residents of Madison can enjoy your company and craft beverages.

Thank you for playing good music and for the drink recommendations. Every time I stay to study, I end up with five more songs on my Spotify playlist and am trying a new concoction that I never thought of before. Your coffee shop makes me feel safe and encourages me to move outside of my comfort zone.

Thank you for being my happy place where I bring all my first dates, where I study for hours on Sundays and where I go for a pick-me-up when I’m having a bad day.

Thank you for sharing an eye roll when frat boys order frappuccinos with extra whip because we all know that’s not real coffee. 

Thank you for learning my name and for making Starbucks feel like a second home.

Thank you for being you and all that you do.


With love,

A Starbucks Addict/College Kid