An Open Letter to the 80

Life at UW-Madison means walking.  A LOT of walking.  If you aren’t one of the lucky ones who brought a moped or car, or one of the smart ones who brought a bike, chances are you’re relying heavily on public transportation.  While being an efficient, environmentally-friendly, convenient transportation option, the bus system still has its flaws.  So here’s an open letter to our dear friend, the 80.

Dear 80,

Don’t get us wrong.  How many times have you helped us make it to class on time?  More than we can count.  You’ve seen us at our worst. Unshowered, on the way to our 7:45 chemistry lab, or on the way home from a crazy night.  While we very much appreciate you, we have some constructive criticism that will help make everyone happier.

First of all, please be on time!  While we understand that there can be issues such as traffic, stoplights, and other events, it’s just not nice when we expect you at 9:36 a.m., and you roll in 15 minutes later. 

Second is an issue that is near and dear to our hearts.  When you see us sprinting down the sidewalk, please wait for us!  I promise we were keeping an eye on the UW Bus  app, but we forgot our notebook in our dorm.  If you see students running, do us a favor and wait the extra minute!

Another common issue is the ear-splitting noise of the squeaky brakes that every bus on route 80 seems to have.  While this sound can be helpful by alerting students that the bus has arrived, those who have the misfortune of standing anywhere within a 20-foot radius of the bus experience a slight stabbing sensation in the ears.  If you love us at all, you'll invest in a little brake TLC. 

In conclusion, we’d like to thank you.  For getting us from place to place and for letting us onboard even when are looking our worst.  We appreciate the drivers, the 80, and all that it stands for!

We can’t wait for winter!


The students of UW-Madison