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The New Bachelorette..s

I have been hooked on “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” for the last ten seasons, so naturally the bomb they dropped at the airing of “After the Final Rose” on ABC after farmer boy Chris chose Whitney (don’t get me started, I was #teambecca till the end) really had me irked for many reasons.

The ever-beloved Chris Harrison announced that there would not be one, but two bachelorettes next season. Third-place Kaitlyn Bristowe and sixth-place Britt Wilsson walked out hand-in-hand and declared how “excited” they were for this opportunity to find love again.

Kaitlyn explained when she found out the first thing she thought was “well, that’s not ideal.” Well, yeah, you got that right. When asked how she thought the first night is going to play out, Britt said it will be fun, but Kaitlyn spoke to the fact that hey, it might get a little messy and said, “It will be a lot of things, fun might be one of them.”

Chris Harrison kept saying how split Bachelor Nation and the producers were, so it was pretty awkward when the studio audience cheered way more for Kaitlyn when he took a vote, and after America did not respond well to the producers making this choice. Producers were too “torn” between the two, and frankly I think it is a huge cop out. On a season that is suppose to be a woman’s turn to find love, after a man’s season of him parading around bikini wearing women on every other episode, producers make it about the 25 men choosing who will make the better wife from the start.

It is very clear that America was not torn. Everyone except, like, ten people liked Britt. She was fake, dramatic and very deceiving on Chris Soule’s season and she was the girl everyone loved to hate. Every season has to have one of those, and she occupied that coveted position.

On the other hand, Kaitlyn was a fan favorite this season. She wooed America when she introduced herself on the first night and told Chris she would “plow his field any day.” When she didn’t get a rose in the episode before the finale, everyone in America was disappointed, but she handled herself with poise, and frankly, like a badass. Even at the “Women Tell All” she not only looked hot, but she also didn’t get involved with drama like mostly every other girl did.

The producers are doing this for drama. They are doing it to “make things interesting,” because the past two seasons had a drop in ratings. I don’t think they are staying true to what “The Bachelor” is about. I love this show because I am a hopeless romantic and I love watching people fall in love. Yes, I love the drama and the crazy chicks/guys that make this show interesting (shout out Ashley S.), but this show is for two people to find love… well now four, I think?

I also think everyone, including myself, is very confused of how this is going to go down. Do the guys pick which one they are going for on the first night? Does one go home? What if majority of the guys pick one girl? Does only one person come out of this engaged? How are these dates and rose ceremonies going to be like? 

Hey Chris Harrison, I NEED DETAILS, MY MAN. Come on, why you gotta do me like this?

The Bachelor family also had a lot to say about this decision. Multiple alumni tweeted their disgust, including Catherine Lowe, winner of Sean Lowe’s season. I agree Catherine, I don’t like it either. Even Andi Dorfman tweeted and declared she is #teamkaitlyn. Aren’t we all.

Yes, yes, I am complaining, but there is no doubt that I am going to watch this season. I am very eager and a little nervous to see how this is going to play out. Chris Harrison will assure us of it being, “the most dramatic season yet” and we all know it’ll surely be something.

I am a senior at UW Madison and third year student in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. After pursuing a major in Strategic Communications and a certificate in digital studies, I'm hoping to be the next Chelsea Handler or get adopted by the Kardashian clan. When I'm not roaming Madison or doing school work, you can find me being cooler than my twin sister, taking selfies without any shame, or quoting Gilmore Girls on social media. I'm a lover of all things fashion, lifestyle and puppies. I'm so excited about being a writer for Her Campus and hope you enjoy all my thoughts and my attempts at being funny with you!
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