My Top 5 YouTube Comfort Videos

The sense of familiarity has always been something I’ve valued and when it comes to my YouTube consumption, that emphasis remains the same. These top five YouTube comfort videos are what I watch when I’m sad, happy, or when I just need something on in the background while I scroll aimlessly through my Twitter and Instagram feed. No matter how many times I rewatch these videos, they never get old and they never will.   

  1. 1. Emma Chamberlain’s Hot Girl Summer Makeover *I cried*

    Starting off with a bang, we make a stop at who some might call, the queen of YouTube- Miss Emma Chamberlain. Now, I could easily have an Emma YouTube marathon of all her videos and not get bored of the content, but I specifically love this video because it is, in my eyes, one of the most relatable videos on the internet. The concept of the video is quite simple really; watch Emma get ready for her hot girl summer. However, because Emma’s personality is so relatable and quirky, you never get bored with her somewhat simple footage. There’s something about watching someone I idolize cry about her new hair color that really resonates with me. It’s a situation (almost) every girl has gone through at one point and to know even the queen of YouTube herself has gone through it is comforting. If you ever have a bad day and want to be reminded that people on social media also are normal people with normal emotions, this is the video for you. 

  2. 2. Inside Scott Disick’s Home with an Amazing Car Collection | Open Door | Architectural Digest

    I don’t know about you guys, but there are few things more interesting to me than looking at rich people’s houses. Scott Disick, whether you love the guy or hate the guy, has undeniably one of the most stunning celebrity homes. AD’s tour of his home is a comforting video like no other. As he walks you through his extravagant minimalist contemporary mansion, you almost get a sense that you’re there walking through the house with him. I watched a lot of Architectural Digest videos during quarantine because as I was stuck in the basement of my parent’s house, there was nothing better for me to do than vicariously live through millionaires and their homes. 

  3. 3. Kian and JC’s Wet and Wild Yoga Challenge (Covered in Baby Oil)

    Two words: good time. If you just want a video to laugh at and not have to think too hard when watching, Kian and JC’s yoga challenge video is perfect for you. The way these two guys thrive off of each other’s energy and create comedic gold is uncanny. Plus, when you mix in the inflexibility, clumsiness and funky yoga outfits of the two, you are guaranteed to be laughing by the end of the video. 

  4. 4. The Late Late Show with James Corden: Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts w/The Jonas Brothers

    When the Jonas Brothers got back together, I think all of our inner fangirls came out in full force. James Corden knew this and took our obsession with The Jo Bros to the next level. In a game where they must choose to either answer a juicy question or eat a disgusting piece of food such as cod sperm, cow tongue, or bird saliva, the video is jammed packed with entertainment. Getting to look at the three brothers while laughing AND learning some sweet gossip on them is something I will never get tired of watching. 

  5. 5. 73 Questions with Neil Patrick Harris | Vogue 

    My final choice of a comforting video is kind of a cheat. Really, any of Vogue’s 73 questions videos are top-notch, but because Neil Patrick Harris is so intriguing and entertaining I had to go with his interview. This series is a great look into the lives and personalities of our favorite celebrities. It’s almost like you go on a first date with Neil and learn all the standard ‘get to know you’ questions from him while getting a sneak peek of his living space. Hands down one of the most brilliant series on YouTube and a series I will continue to binge over and over again. 

Although these videos may range from a teenage girl having a breakdown over her hair to a multimillionaire talking about the design of his California home, they all have one thing in common: they are the ultimate comfort videos. No matter what mood you’re in, I guarantee you will enjoy watching these videos at any given time. So hopefully my top five comfort videos gave you some insight into what to watch next when you’re scrolling through your YouTube.