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My Top 10 Tips To Surviving Spring Break at Home

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wisconsin chapter.

No matter where you go, any break is a good break

It can certainly feel like everyone is going somewhere super cool for spring break. But if you are like me and just going home for spring break, here are some tips for making the most out of some well-deserved time at home.

1. Stay off social media

Without school keeping us extremely busy, it is natural to spend more time on social media. But, it is still super important to regulate ourselves and how much time we spend scrolling through Instagram. Especially since during spring break social media platforms are filled with everyone trying to make it look like they are having the best time ever, it can be important to remind ourselves that social media is truly just a highlight reel and not a holistic reflection of how someone may really be doing.

2. Catch up on sleep

Since catching up on sleep is something that rarely happens for a lot of us during the academic school year, use this time to feel well-rested before coming back to campus. 

3. Enjoy home cooked meals

Eating anything that’s not rancid dining hall food is a win in my book, so take this time to enjoy meals that are actually meant to be edible.

4. spend time outside

Take some time, since we all get it so rarely, to go for a walk, run or just simply sit outside enjoying the fresh air.

5. catch up on things you want to do

All of our “to-do” lists end up being so long during the school year. Naturally, some things get pushed to the backburner like applying for internships, summer jobs or whatever it may be. Take this time to get this stuff done.

6. get some quality tv time in

Sit down, relax and start a new show or re-watch one of your favorites. Some of my favorite shows include Shameless and White Lotus, because, if you’re asking me, watching any TV is always a good use of time. 

7. start a new book

Take this free time to enjoy finally reading something that you actually don’t have to read for class. 

8. get some new clothes

There is no better feeling than coming back to campus looking and feeling your absolute best. 

9. Spend time with family

The best part about going home is undoubtedly getting to spend time with family. 

10. Go through your camera roll

Reminisce on all the pictures where you looked hot af this past half of the semester.

Whether you are going halfway across the world or simply not going anywhere, you deserve to have a great spring break and hopefully these ideas can help you do so. And if you ever feel like literally every person you know went somewhere super cool for break, just remember I’ll be right there with you, having a “boring” spring break. 

Grace Winokur

Wisconsin '26

University of Wisconsin 2026, communication arts major and self-proclaimed coffee snob.