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A guide to the best season in the best city

Going into my final summer vacation of my academic career has been something I have struggled to wrap my head around. My whole life I have had the routine of going to school from September to May/June and then spending the summer months enjoying the sun, working a summer job, and even doing a little extra school work. This summer I am determined to make the best summer yet before I graduate from UW-Madison next May, and these are the things I plan to do at least once before school resumes in the fall 

1. Get ice cream and watch the sunset at the Memorial Union

This is one of the most classic ways to spend a summer night in Madison. Getting some Babcock ice cream, made right here on campus, and watching the sunset over Lake Mendota never gets old. I plan to do this countless times this summer. 

2. Read a book on Bascom hill

This is one of the best spots on campus to get some summer sun and lay out on the grass. I want to try to read more this summer, and I think the vibes of Bascom Hill overlooking the State Street and Library Mall area cannot be beat! 

3. Bike to Picnic Point to swim

My roommates and I did this last summer and it was incredible. There are many different spots along Picnic Point to set up a beach towel and jump into Lake Mendota. It is also nice to take a bike ride slightly outside of downtown and go down the lakeshore path for some immaculate views of the beautiful nature of Madison. 

4. Go to the Dane County Farmers Market

Supporting local businesses and people while also getting fresh fruit, veggies, and flowers at great prices?? You literally cannot beat it! I live a lot closer to Capitol Square than I did last summer, so I look forward to making it to the farmers market as many Saturdays as possible. 

5. Enjoy as many outdoor patios and bottomless brunches as possible

The downtown, State Street, and Capitol areas of Madison have so many restaurants that have outdoor seating to enjoy delicious food and fancy cocktails, and now that my roommates and I will all be 21 I look forward to trying new restaurants and visiting old favorites while sitting in the beautiful Madison summer weather! 

While going into my final summer is bittersweet, I am excited to have a bucket list of ideas to make the summer as memorable as possible. Madison is an exceptional place to be during the summer season because of its mix of being a city, but having the nature of the lakes and nearby parks to enjoy as well. The Wisconsin summer weather is also usually the perfect mix of warm but usually not too hot, with a few summer storms sprinkled throughout the summer that allows you to get a great sleep with the sound of rain in the background. I hope this article inspires you to make your own summer bucket list or try some of the things on mine! 

Mali Kruckenberg

Wisconsin '23

Hi! My name is Mali and I am a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, double majoring in Political Science and Communication Arts. I love exploring new restaurants and stores around the Madison area and reading. My favorite Her Campus articles to read from other writers are articles detailing their experiences as college women and how they have learned and grown from their experiences.