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They really can read minds

There are very few relationships that compare to that of a mother and daughter. It seems that no matter how confused you are about how you’re feeling or the direction your life is going, your mom always knows what’s best. This idea was perfectly shown in an episode of the HBO Max series, The Sex Lives of College Girls.

In season one episode six, all of the main characters’ families come to Essex College for parents weekend! Towards the end of the episode, the four girls find themselves sitting at dinner with their parents. All of the families are mingling and talking about their daughters being in college for the first time, where they are from and their differences socially, politically and economically. 

Throughout the dinner, events continue occuring putting the families and daughters in uncomfortable positions. Throughout every obstacle, the daughters seem to feel upset, embarrassed or ashamed, yet their moms know just what to say. The advice of the moms’ are spot on everytime. The daughters express to their moms their hopes and goals for their college years and beyond, and the moms show their greatest support. 

The relationship of a mother and daughter is summed up at the end of the dinner when the character Bela is explaining to her mom all of the things she needs money for, and her mom responds back with a simple, “I already put an envelope on your desk.” The casual response by Bela’s mother proves that moms know best. Before Bela even told her mom the things she needed, her mom had already followed her gut and left the necessities on her desk. Moms just know their kids wants and needs before they are ever even mentioned. 

This is absolutely the case with my mom. I can think about something I need to buy or a task I need to complete for just a second, and minutes later she tells me she’s already bought the item or done the task. It feels as though she can read my mind. The better part is that just like the TV moms, my mom always knows just what to say. Anything I’m ever struggling with or concerned about, my mom always has the best advice. She seems to become an expert on every topic just to be able to help. 

Without my mom, I’m not sure where I would be. She gives the best advice, is the best person to rant too and my favorite person to laugh with. From long dog walks that turn into gossip and advice sessions, to brunches at our favorite restaurants, all the way to my own parents weekend, my mom knows just what I need to hear when she’s around. The relationship between a mother and daughter is irreplicable, moms just always know best.

Beth Shoop

Wisconsin '25

Hi, my name is Beth! I am from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but I am currently a Junior at UW Madison studying Journalism, specifically Reporting and Strategic Communication! I hope you enjoy reading about my experiences, interests, and newfound knowledge!