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Meghan Markle Has Done It All

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wisconsin chapter.

From being an actress to a princess, this 42-year-old mom has done it all

Very few people can say they are a mom of two, fewer can say they have been an actor on a popular TV show and even fewer can say they are the Duchess of Sussex. Meghan Markle has done them all. Starting in Los Angeles, she has taken the world by storm and has made philanthropic, television and political contributions. While she is probably best known as the Duchess of Sussex, she has accomplished many more things in her lifetime.

One thing that people often do not realize is that Meghan used to be a popular blogger. She ran a lifestyle blog named Tig, sharing an inside scoop about the places she has traveled, tips she has learned throughout her life and what she liked. The blog had hundreds of articles and pictures which helped her gain an initial social media following. She appealed to various age demographics with her variety of posts and helped people (mostly women) find fashion, travel and life hacks. The way she wrote and posted also made her very personable to her followers and fans; she was able to help her readers with their problems and concerns, and inspired many other bloggers. People also liked that they were able to feel like they had the inside scoop on a famous actress. 

She also wrote another blog named The Working Actress. This blog focused on the highs and lows of trying to make it in Hollywood. She explains the reality and struggles that it takes to make a living wage off of acting; this was a helpful reality check for aspiring actors. Fans also applauded her for being vulnerable and honest with the audience. 

Meghan also participates in a lot of charity work all over the world; she was even named the World Vision Global Ambassador. She worked on projects such as bringing clean water to Rwanda and helping to establish gender equality in India. She gives back to the world in many ways and through many different programs. 

One thing she has advocated for throughout her career is supporting and empowering women and girls. This is particularly evident in her work fighting for girls’ education, in her role as the United Nations Women’s Advocate for Women’s Political Participation and Leadership where she advocated for women in leadership and when she helped to get resources and supplies to homeless mothers. She has dedicated a lot of her life to ensuring that women are provided with opportunities that have not been granted to them in the past and providing them the resources they need to succeed. Many of her projects have been very successful and have seen beneficial outcomes throughout the world. 

Meghan Markle has been all over the news recently. She has been praised for her positions of power and criticized for her actions. Many people seem to know her as just an actress or just the Duchess of Sussex. But this isn’t all she should be known for. It is important to show all the things that have gotten her to this point, including her volunteer work, her writing and the ways that she has helped women connect and feel empowered. When thinking about all the things that she has done and continues to do, you begin to realize that Meghan has done it all. 

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