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Love To Hate: Aaron Rodgers Edition

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wisconsin chapter.

My opinion on the NFL star’s ever-growing weirdness

Yes, before anyone says anything, I am biased. No, I do not care. Aaron Rodgers has been wreaking havoc on my precious babies (the Minnesota Vikings) for as long as I can remember, and it’s finally my time to speak out. I choose this year because I know that dirty Packers fans can’t come at me since, well…they suck. Worse than us. For once. Just let me have my moment please. Anyways, even if you don’t know much about sports or Aaron Rodgers, I hope you can at least enjoy reading about this crazy, crazy man. 

Starting off strong, let’s talk about Aaron Rodgers and his ayahuasca journey. Yes, that’s correct, the four-time MVP winning quarterback for the Green Bay Packers did a three-day ayahuasca retreat during the offseason. Now I have no qualms about psychedelics, but this guy? What a douche. He has done multiple interviews to discuss the retreat, where he said, “You have to surrender to the master plant teacher that is ayahuasca, and there’s naturally some fear around that.” 

The master plant teacher??  BRUH. On a positive note, he says he now feels a “deeper love” for himself. Right, because that’s what A-Rodge needs right now. MORE self-love. Conceited bastard. He claims that now he can win games with “his mind,” because his body isn’t as young as it used to be. Perhaps retirement should be an option?

OH, but it is! After the last game of this recent season, the Packers QB was spotted walking around Lambeau field looking rather sentimental,  sparking rumors that he might retire from the league. In classic Rodgers fashion, when he addressed this, he claimed that he would be entering a four-day “darkness retreat” to contemplate his retirement. I looked it up, and it’s literally just sitting in the pitch-black dark. Just sitting and getting fed through a slot in the door. This man has lost it, and if he hasn’t yet, he will during the retreat.

Interestingly enough, as much as Rodgers seems to be a fan of weird medicinal tactics, he refused the COVID vaccine many times. Just another wacky thing about this man. Adding to the list, we have his jealousy when backup Jordan Love was drafted, as well as his rift with Brett Favre, who he was allegedly very threatened by. Hmm. 

In conclusion, Aaron Rodgers is just a weird guy. A weird guy who I love to hate because he just gives us so much material. However, as I was writing this article, I came to a starting realization: What if he does retire? Who is going to be my enemy? In that moment it became painfully clear: I will miss him. I will miss Aaron Rodgers. What a crazy world we live in. 

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Frankie Tarlizzo

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hello:) my name is Frankie Tarlizzo, and I’m from Scandia, Minnesota. I go to the university of Wisconsin Madison as a sophomore this year, planning to major in psychology and criminal justice. I love to write, and I have a lot of useless opinions, so I’m very excited to have somewhere to put them now! Hope you enjoy!